2021 Customer Awards: European Wax Center - All-Ways Connected

2021 Customer Awards: European Wax Center - All-Ways Connected



Company: European Wax Center

Company background: European Wax Center is a leading personal care franchise brand founded in 2004. They offer expert wax services from certified Wax Specialists, ensuring that every guest who walks through the door leaves feeling confident—in European Wax Center and themselves. European Wax Center provides guests with a first class, professional waxing experience by the most highly trained estheticians in the industry, within the privacy of clean, individual waxing suites. They’re so certain everyone will love the European Wax Center experience, they offer a free complimentary wax to each new guest. European Wax Center continues to revolutionize the waxing category with their innovative, signature Comfort Wax™. This proprietary blend is formulated with the highest quality ingredients to leave skin feeling smooth and make waxing a more pleasant, virtually painless experience. To help enhance and extend waxing services, European Wax Center offers a full collection of proprietary pre- and post-wax products designed specifically for waxing skincare solutions called EWC to treat, groom, glow and slow. European Wax Center is a leading wax specialty personal care brand in the United States, and its network now includes over 800 centers nationwide. 
For more information, including how to receive your first wax free, please visit: www.waxcenter.com.

Contact: Auburn Berry

Title: Director, Social Media / PR / Guest Relations

Kudos Category: All-Ways Connected

1. Tell us about your digital customer experience: When and why did digital customer experience become a focus and priority for your organization and what technology(ies) did you decide to implement to help you, and what problem(s) does it help solve?

In early 2020, European Wax Center restructured their social media and guest relations strategy by bringing on an experienced social media manager, integrating social media care into their guest relations team, and onboarding the Khoros platform. 

With Khoros as a partner, European Wax Center successfully weathered the most disruptive months of the COVID-19 pandemic. But franchises add an extra layer of complexity to customer care, and even with their social media and web chat conversations in one place on Khoros, European Wax Center still didn’t have the complete customer view they needed. So, European Wax Center decided to integrate email into their Khoros platform, making Khoros their single command center for customer service engagement on every channel. 



European Wax Center also took advantage of Khoros’ open APIs and to build impressive routing and agent tools with their automation partner Headliner Labs. To speed up routing across 2400 different potential email addresses, inbound emails are automatically tagged with their relevant location, and agents are prompted with a simple widget in Khoros Care to select the best franchise staffer to forward to (center email, location owner, corporate support, or a combination). As emails are ingested, Khoros automatically updates customer data in European Wax Center’s external data lake, and serves up relevant information on the customer in the agent dashboard.




2. What are the benefits of having an integrated community and social media management platform for your organization? How does it improve your strategy for digital customer engagement?

Before European Wax Center integrated email into their Khoros platform, guests would often contact the brand on social media, chat the brand on web chat, and then also contact the brand through their contact us form on the website. The guest relations team couldn’t see all guest interactions in one place, leading to doubled-up responses, or worse, guests left without a response. Now, the team can see all social media interactions, chatbot conversations, and emails in one place, with holistic conversation history, ensuring they deliver quick, consistent service without stepping on each others’ toes.

3. What are your digital results? Please provide your business outcomes and results because of your digital customer experience approach in quantifiable metrics (e.g. revenue, Net Promoter Score, cost savings, brand reputation).

European Wax Center had all of their social media and chat conversations in one place on Khoros, but they still didn’t have the complete customer view they needed. They decided to integrate email into their Khoros platform, making Khoros their single command center for customer service engagement on every channel. Their response times were faster and their care interactions were much more thorough than they were before they integrated email into their Khoros platform.

We saw a 55% decrease in agent response time going from 6 platforms to 1 and all guests being responded to in 3 minutes or less.






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