2021 Customer Awards: GTB Argentina - Best-in-Class: Marketing

2021 Customer Awards: GTB Argentina - Best-in-Class: Marketing

GTB ArgentinaGTB Argentina
Company: GTB Argentina

Company background: We have been working with Khoros since 2018. At first, we just used Intelligence to report our benchmark, then we started using Care to answer comments on Social Media and finally we started using Marketing to report deeper our content performance. But now we have integrated everything we are doing and that's why we are sharing our success on the Kudos Awards 2021.

Contact: Lucas Diorio

Title: Social Media Manager

Kudos Category: Best-in-Class: Marketing

1. Tell us about your unique marketing campaign and/or promotion as well as your goal and key strategies.

From time to time our client ask our social media team to compare the performance of one campaign against another one. Also, they asked us to have deeper social listening data related to the comments of our followers. This two requests motivates us to find a way in which we can deliver results.

2. Share your plan with the target audience and how your digital technology (e.g. social media management platform) helped drive success for the campaign.

The are many benefits of using labels the way we do.

First, we label every comment we get in order to get the data separated in two criterias: sentiment and topics (different areas of the company, types of products, products, campaigns, among others)This information that is manually labeled but also has it's rules configurated to auto-label as much as possible, is delivered on the Care Dashboards, where the analytics team gets the information to show it in a Google Data Studio.

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Second, we label every content on our calendar to get different perspectives about the performance of our different campaigns. For example: types of products, products against each other, campaigns, different types of content, different activations on those campaigns, among other creative ways of getting data on our marketing dashboards. This new asset is allowing our team to get more insights about everything we are doing on social media.

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3. What were the results? Tell us how it helped you serve customers, protect your brand and/or grow your business (increased subscribers, engagement increase, increased awareness).

The results of being all ways connected using labels are BIG. On one hand, we use Care as a Social Listening tool to understand which are the topics around the conversation. On the other hand, we can compare different groups of content to get better insights about our different campaigns. It was a creative way of using Khoros in response to our clients needs.

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