2021 Customer Awards: Orange Spain - Best-in-Class: Care

2021 Customer Awards: Orange Spain - Best-in-Class: Care



Company: Orange Spain 

Company background: Spain is the second market of the Orange Group, one of the main telecommunications operators in the world with 254 million customers as of March 31, 2020. Through our different brands, all of them of recognized prestige -Orange, Jazztel, Amena, Simyo and República Móvil-, we have the trust of more than 20.1 million customers, who enjoy our fixed, mobile and television services.

Contact: Gretel Ceballos

Title: Senior Online Services Specialist

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Kudos Category: Best-in-Class: Care

1. What were your organization’s digital customer service initiatives? What channels do you support today?

Orange Spain has a multi-brand strategy with presence in several profiles of social networks (corporate, product offerings, B2C, etc.) as well as communities, external forums and the most importan app stores. All of them are included in the online customer care strategy, so any user can indicate their doubts or issues through the different social networks and a specialized multi-brand agent will get back to them. This is why since 2014 LSW, now Khoros Care, is our Social Customer Care management tool, due to its ability to integrate all channels and management in the same platform, its friendly interface for agents, the automatism to make the service more efficient through artificial intelligence, as well as its quality of analysis and metrics, within the tool or through the connection to its APIs.

Nowadays, Khoros has improved, gaining in complexity (work queues, welcome messages, content filtering, native surveys, intelligent tags , priorities...) and in usability, becoming a key for proper Social Customer Care through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Communities, External Forums... We are then able to use the tool to tag multibrand conversations in wich we provide omnichannel support.


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2. What was the most important issue you were looking to solve via your digital technology (e.g. community and/or social media management platform) — and what makes your approach to that achievement unique?

The most important challenge in our service was concentrate many diferrent channels in one platform in order to take advantage from our multi-brand agents who always have to moderate threads, give feedback and handle conversations in different channels at the same time, in real time.

Reputation and customer experience are key indicators for Orange, each and every one of the communications and customer service channel has to meet these satisfaction goals. Within the online environment, more and more users use social channels to contact our brands looking for help. To achieve this efficiency in our customer service, an online multi-brand and multi-channel management tool is essential.

This achievement is possible thanks to the features of Khoros Care and Khoros Communities, the expertise of the agents working with online platforms, their knowledge and multi-brand management to handle conversations in different channels at the same time, and moderation of the communities have been key when it comes to getting the good results in Social Customer Care.

On the other hand, access to the API in both Khoros Care and Khoros Communities has opened up many possibilities of making a more in-depth analysis of the service and the moderation of the communities.





3. What 1-3 metrics best describe your success? (e.g. CSAT, call deflection, cost reduction, agent efficiency, response speed, resolution rate, etc.)).

Using CSAT surveys in Khoros Care has allowed us to improve the response rate of satisfaction surveys more than 30% comparing with the previous year. In addition, during the last quarter we have achieved 67% of Customer Satisfaction on all our Social Channels.

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With the constant updating of the tool, also during the last quarter, we have managed to give better response times. Managing to answer 83% of our conversations globally, on all channels within the first 2 hours.

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The “solver superuser” program was launched in the Orange Community through gamification, which allowed users to solve other participants’ doubts and, therefore, collaborate with the agents in the resolution of doubts.



Up to now, more than 33,000 solutions have been approved just on Orange Community. And 12M users have consulted any of the solved threads only on that channel; the main community for Orange Spain. Those threads always are moderated across Khoros Care platform.






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