2021 Customer Awards: Swisscom - All-Ways Connected

2021 Customer Awards: Swisscom - All-Ways Connected


Company: Swisscom

Company background: Swisscom is the leading provider of communication, IT and entertainment in Switzerland. As number 1, we are shaping the future. Together we inspire people in the networked world.

Contact: Joel Viotti

Title: Business Owner

Kudos Category: All-Ways Connected

1. Tell us about your digital customer experience: When and why did digital customer experience become a focus and priority for your organization and what technology(ies) did you decide to implement to help you, and what problem(s) does it help solve?

Why we focus on digital customer experience? Because we listen to our customer’s needs.

Customers these days want to use the channel of their choice. We want to make it easy for them if they need service. As we love our customers, we want to provide the best experiences across digital touchpoints.

With so many social media channels and new up-trending touchpoints like Google Business Messages the digital world can be quite complex to handle but it also provides many opportunities to create customers for life and improve every step on the customer journey and products through quantified analyzes.

2. What are the benefits of having an integrated community and social media management platform for your organization? How does it improve your strategy for digital customer engagement?

Being always connected with our customers through various touchpoints presents many advantages:

  • Ability to provide digital care at scale and improve the overall brand’s digital appearance by taking on new channels even with a small team.
  • Generate a much better 360° view of our customer’s needs to improve our products quickly.
  • In depth analyzes help us improve our content strategy on Swisscom Community as well as our social media channels.
  • Managing digital touchpoints within a single tool helps us detect incidents in their early stages. Through customer feedback, insights are instantly available for our technicians.
  • Treating highly technical questions in a 1:1 environment isn’t the most effective way of dealing with those. Verified and 24/7 available solutions in our Swisscom Community therefore help us relieve other touchpoints.

3. What are your digital results? Please provide your business outcomes and results because of your digital customer experience approach in quantifiable metrics (e.g. revenue, Net Promoter Score, cost savings, brand reputation).

  • Even though we have a small team we were able to implement Google myBusiness reviews for all of our 116 Swisscom Shops within 4 weeks and now handle Instagram private messages as well.
  • Starting at the end of last year and starting this year we implemented Google Business Messages for all of our 116 shops as entry points. GBM in my opinion has potential to completely disrupt customers expectations regarding digital customer service.
  • Being able to handle these touchpoints within Khoros Care we maintain a high social media tNPS of 64 points and an SLA of 90% during business hours.
  • Khoros Care also helped us achieve a neutral to positive sentiment conversion of 40% in care dialogues cross channel.
  • The channel share of the Swisscom Community was almost doubled in 2021 compared to 2020.