2021 Customer Awards: United Airlines - Keep Calm and Carry On

2021 Customer Awards: United Airlines - Keep Calm and Carry On

United Airlines 
Company: United Airlines

Company background: Every day, we help unite the world by connecting people to the moments that matter most. This shared purpose drives us to be the best airline for our employees, customers and everyone we serve.

Contact: Lynaire Cacal

Title: Assistant Manager, Social Media & Operational Communication

Kudos Category: Keep Calm and Carry On

1. How did your team shift your existing strategy to better engage customers during a crisis?
Our focus over 2020 was to keep our standard of care through immediate increased volume. We saw a trend in the beginning of the pandemic. As the pandemic evolved, so did the customer engagement. Customers went from wondering about travel; to wanting refunds because they couldn't travel; to wondering what our response to Covid was.

2. What operational processes did you create or change to respond in a time of crisis?
We leveraged the Welcome Response. The Welcome Response helped us gauge the customer sentiment and concern.  We weren't only looking for information from the customer, but we gave them the ability to self-serve. 

3. What success metrics did you use to determine if your shifts in strategy and process had the desired outcomes? What were those quantifiable outcomes?
We looked at the metrics behind the response chosen. We quickly saw how we had to change what information we were not only gathering, but the information we were providing.  If we found there was a lower percentage in one of the responses, we switched up the welcome response.


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