2022 Customer Awards: Intuit - Best-in-Class: Insights

2022 Customer Awards: Intuit - Best-in-Class: Insights







Company: Intuit

Company background: Intuit is the global technology platform that helps consumers and small businesses overcome their most important financial challenges.

Contact: Betty Jo Parra

Title: Program Manager, Community

Related URLs: https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/

Kudos Category: Best-in-Class: Insights

1. How did you identify the customer issue? What data did you use to quantify the problem?

The Intuit Accountants community is a peer-to-peer community of tax professionals who use our professional tax software Lacerte, ProSeries or ProConnect Tax.  For our members, Tax season is their busiest time of year and the work done along with the timeline of when specific forms are released within the product is critical to their businesses. 


Imagine yourself as a tax preparer and you have your work strategy set on which client tax returns you need to file according to tax deadlines, and the time it will take to prepare the return.  Next thing you know, one of the forms that is needed for this group of clients will NOT be ready for another month, leaving you with a limited amount of time to complete the returns late or even worse your client decides to go somewhere else.  

In Tax Year 2020, we did not have a tool or process to be able to gather this information and if we spotted a trend, likeliness was that it had already been discovered by our assisted care or product teams.  



2. How did you come up with a solution and get people on board?

Thanks to Khoros CARE and our tag structure + automation, we were able to discover trends in real-time and provide these insights back to our development teams in order to re-prioritize bugs and form release dates.  



We were able to build a Monitor Wall providing volume on over 800 tags and giving stakeholders visibility into items top of mind to our customers. As well as creating a weekly internal Newsletter to help surface conversations happening in community with our Customer Success, Product and Marketing teams. 


3. What was the impact? How are you turning data into actionable insights? Please include metrics if possible.


Overall, we were successful in escalating over 80 issues, three of them being ranked at a P1.  As well as seeing significant community health increase YoY throughout our Product Help boards while contributing to a 93.5% Containment rate with customers not having to call us. 

  • 8.2% Increase in Total Unique Visitors
  • 16% Increase in Total Topics Created
  • 12% Increase in Total # of First Replies
  • 21.8% Increase in Total Accepted Solutions