2022 Customer Awards: RSA - Partners for Life

2022 Customer Awards: RSA - Partners for Life

Company: RSA

Company background: RSA is a cybersecurity and risk management company that helps address the critical risks that organizations across sectors are encountering as they weave digital technologies deeper into their businesses. RSA was founded in 1982 by Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adleman, who developed the RSA encryption algorithm in 1977. It was acquired by EMC in 2006 and became part of Dell Technologies in 2017. RSA separated itself from Dell in 2020 to become its own independent company, and has been focusing on splitting each of its business units (SecurID, NetWitness, Archer and Outseer) into their own standalone businesses.

Contact: Jeff Shurtliff

Title: Manager, Business Applications

Related URLs: SecurID Community, NetWitness Community, Archer Community

Kudos Category: Partners for Life

1. Describe your partnership with Khoros. Tell us about which Khoros teams you partner with (e.g. Strategic Services, Professional Services, Customer Success, etc) and the outcomes you were hoping to drive.
RSA has worked closely with Strategic Services, Professional Services, Customer Success, and Customer Support, including our fantastic Technical Account Manager. At times we've also worked closely with some of the development teams and executive leadership to accomplish our goals.

2. How have your Khoros partners helped you shape your strategy and align your people and processes?
Khoros has been a dedicated partner who has helped us to provide our customers, partners, and employees with self-service opportunities and proactive support, as well as a platform where they can collaborate on issues and tasks. Khoros has become a cornerstone in our customer experience strategy.

3. What successes have you experienced because of your partnership with Khoros? How are you better able to deliver your strategic priorities and deliver value back to your business? Please include metrics if possible.
We not only succeeded in migrating from Khoros JX to the Khoros Communities platform, but we also successfully split our community into three separate instances for our SecurID, NetWitness, and Archer businesses. This has resulted in a 32% overall increase in our Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) rating.