2022 Customer Awards: Zoom - Keep Calm and Carry On

2022 Customer Awards: Zoom - Keep Calm and Carry On

Company: Zoom

Company background: Zoom helps people stay connected so they can get more done together. From meetings, chat, phone, and webinars to conference room systems and online events, Zoom powers all your communication needs. Our secure, reliable video platform offers a high-quality experience that is easy to manage, use, and customize.

Contact: Alexis Brown

Title: Senior Manager, Global Community

Related URLs: https://community.zoom.com/https://zoom.us/https://support.zoom.us/

Kudos Category: Keep Calm and Carry On

1. How did your team shift your existing strategy using the Khoros platform to better engage customers during a crisis?

In 2020 when the global pandemic hit, Zoom’s  usage increased from 10 million to 300 million daily meeting participants in 243 countries. During this time, not only did our user base grow astronomically, but our product offerings also  expanded to accommodate our rapidly evolving user base.

As Zoom’s usage increased exponentially, customer support became one of the primary areas of focus to ensure Zoom users were receiving helpful and timely support. In the midst of the global pandemic, we listened to our customers who desired a 24/7 accessible online forum to ask questions, seek helpful solutions, and collaborate with fellow Zoom users around the world.


We heard the voice of our users, and in March 2021, we put together a team and tasked them with creating the Zoom Community.  In less than five months, this team rolled out the global Zoom Community. Immediately, positive reactions flooded in from users. Within the first five months after deployment, Zoom had 100K registered members!

100K (1).jpgPrior to the launch of the Zoom Community, our users simply did not have an online support forum. We built the Zoom Community in response to our rapidly growing customer base who was eagerly seeking support through online collaboration. We're proud to have created a safe, welcoming, and informative online environment so that our users can exchange knowledge, troubleshoot, and share success stories while using Zoom. Human connection is important -- that's why we couldn't be more proud to have launched our Zoom Community so that users can connect anywhere and anytime across the globe.

2. What operational processes did you create or change to respond in a time of crisis?

In light of the pandemic, we knew it was pivotal to listen to our customers and agilely adjust our operational processes accordingly. Before the launch of our Zoom Community, users could contact support via one-on-one tickets, through agent and bot interactions, and by utilizing our robust repository of knowledgeable support articles. Building upon these self-service offerings and taking direction from customers' input, our Zoom Community was created. With this additional space that supported collaboration among users, we were able to highlight the human connections that Zoom is known to foster. Once it went live, we spread the word throughout our user-base via our social media channels, letting them know that a new support system was at their fingertips.

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3. What success metrics did you use to determine if your shifts in strategy and process had the desired outcomes? What were those quantifiable outcomes?

Zoom’s success is focused on delivering a happy experience to our customers and providing them with a platform to collaborate and share helpful solutions. Therefore, we focus on a combination of the following primary metrics: 

  • Number of page views
  • Number of registered users
  • Number of unique visitors
  • Number of posts
  • Number of replies
  • Number of accepted solutions 

In a short time after its rollout, our Zoom Community's metrics were staggering and a testament to its impact.

Not only did it garner over 130K registered users, but it pulled in over 8.6M page views, and 3.9M unique visitors! Additionally, content contribution was equally impressive -- clocking in at 45K posts to over 2K accepted solutions.

While quantitative metrics are important to denote, we would be remiss in leaving out an equally important part of measuring strategic success: qualitative stories shared by our community.

Fostered by the Zoom Community's ability to provide a space for users to connect through Zoom, we saw an influx of positive feedback. From teachers to students to healthcare professionals and beyond, it was heartwarming to see our users share use cases, collaborate on ideas, and exchange meaningful and helpful answers.

We haven't even celebrated our first anniversary and we're excited to see our Zoom Community's impressive performance in the future!


The Global Self-Service Community team at Zoom is incredibly honored and happy to provide Zoom users with the Zoom Community.