2022 Customer Awards: Zoom - Rookie of the Year

2022 Customer Awards: Zoom - Rookie of the Year

Company: Zoom

Company background: Zoom helps people stay connected so they can get more done together. From meetings, chat, phone, and webinars to conference room systems and online events, Zoom powers all your communication needs. Our secure, reliable video platform offers a high-quality experience that is easy to manage, use, and customize.

Contact: Alexis Brown

Title: Senior Manager, Global Community

Related URLs: https://community.zoom.com/https://zoom.us/, https://support.zoom.us/ 

Kudos Category: Rookie of the Year

1. Describe your company and your organization.

Zoom is a space where you can connect to others, share ideas, make plans, and build toward a future limited only by your imagination. Our frictionless communications platform is the only one that started with video as its foundation, and we have set the standard for innovation ever since. From meetings, chat, phone, and webinars to conference room systems and online events, Zoom powers all your communication needs. Our secure, reliable video platform offers a high-quality experience that is easy to manage, use, and customize. Zoom just works!

The Zoom Community is an online self-service support forum that welcomes all Zoom customers, partners, and employees to find answers, exchange knowledge, and collaborate with peers. In conjunction with Zoom’s support site, the Zoom Community provides a collaborative space for users to receive guidance on open questions and share solutions with fellow community members.

2. Why did you choose to invest in Khoros and what was your experience before making the switch from a previous solution or investing in new technology.

As Zoom continues to rapidly grow, it is important to utilize tools that can be compatible with our ever growing user base and advanced use of technology. Khoros attracted Zoom with its industry-leading features and functionalities, and especially in its ability to scale larger user bases. The primary pillars of functionality that have helped the Zoom Community team strategize, build, and grow the Zoom Community are the user interface and design options, integrations and capabilities, robust gamification, and advanced analytics. Essentially, Zoom needed a best-in-class tool, and the Khoros Community delivered!

  • User Interface and Design

For our team, it was crucial to have access to custom components that gave us the freedom to create a community platform that aligned with our brand vision.

  • Custom Recent Activity component:
  • Custom top navigation and dropdown menus to access Zoom resources, consistent with our marketing and support sites:


  • Gamification 

At Zoom, delivering happiness to our customers is our number one mission. It is important that we honor, acknowledge, and celebrate the community contributions made by our users. The Khoros platform provides us with the ability to reward users through the use of badges, reputation level rankings, and leaderboard features. With such gamification capabilities, we have found a way to track our users’ progress and incentivize our top contributors with a bit of friendly competition 😊.

TopHappyLeaders.gif badges.jpgranks.jpg

  • Integrations

Integrating the Zoom Community with Khoros Care, Zendesk, and Qualtrics has been instrumental in delivering quality support to our community members.

  • Khoros Care - leveraging the benefits of a backend social studio to more easily moderate all incoming community posts.
  • Zendesk - custom built a robust integration with our Zendesk ticketing system to allow for the ability to create support tickets directly from community posts. This conversion allows for a more seamless experience of handoff to our dedicated technical support staff.
  • Qualtrics - Implementation of a customer survey directly on our community site, allowing users with a quick and user-friendly way to provide the Zoom Community team with customer feedback.

  • Analytics 

Our team wants to ensure that the metrics we report accurately reflect the state of our community. With Khoros’ robust community analytics, we are better equipped to guide,  plan, and manage our community-building efforts. 

  • Weekly and monthly metrics are reported on traffic, content, and registered members. These numbers help us to identify trends, report feedback to product teams, and update our roadmap when necessary. 
  • With the information provided by the analytics platform, we have produced dynamic monthly listening reports that are shared throughout Zoom's organization. The Zoom Community Listening Report offers insights on community traffic and growth, customer support testimonials, top product discussions, solutions, tags, and highlights our top user contributions. These reports have led to new knowledge base articles, product features, and content changes in our community.  


3. What were your goals when investing in Khoros technology and what successes have you already experienced because of the investment? Were you able to gain traction faster than expected? Please include metrics if possible.

With the onset of the global pandemic in 2020, Zoom's usage increased exponentially. During this time, our customers voiced the desire to have access to a 24/7 online forum that could do everything from allow users to ask questions to locate helpful solutions. 

Naturally, this made Customer Support a primary area of focus. We wanted to ensure that our customers were receiving top-notch helpful and timely support. As a result, we created our Community team in March of 2021. Tasked with creating the online forum requested by users, our team stepped up. Within only five months, our Community team deployed the solution -- our Zoom Community, which was accessible to all global users in August 2021.

Khoros' technology helped Zoom focus on delivering a happy experience for our customers, especially when it came to providing a support platform for collaboration and helpful solutions.

Within a short time after its rollout, our Zoom Community's metrics were staggering and a testament to its impact.

Not only did it garner over 130K registered users, but it pulled in over 8.6M page views and 3.9M unique visitors! Content contribution was equally impressive -- clocking in at 45K posts and over 2K accepted solutions.

While quantitative metrics are important to denote, we would be remiss in leaving out an equally important part of measuring strategic success: qualitative stories shared by our community.

Fostered by the Zoom Community's ability to provide a space for users to connect through Zoom, we saw an influx of positive feedback. From teachers to students to healthcare professionals and beyond, it was heartwarming to see our users share use cases, collaborate on ideas, and exchange meaningful and helpful answers.

We haven't even celebrated our first anniversary and we're excited to see our Zoom Community's impressive performance in the future!


The Global Self-Service Community team at Zoom is incredibly honored and happy to provide Zoom users with the Zoom Community.