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Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Announcing the Hackathon prize categories

What will you be competing for? This year, we will award prizes for the following categories:


Best Customization
Take Community and Lithium Social Web to the next level. How can you create a better experience for your community/social team and customers?


Best Total Community Integration
Lithium empowers brands to connect, engage and understand their most passionate customers across all digital touchpoints, powered with Klout data. Come up with a unique integration across Community, Lithium Social Web and/or Klout.


Best Responsive UI
Last year, we launched Lithium Responsive based on years of experience in community design. Since then, customers like Comcast and WorldGuide have launched beautifully-designed next-gen communities. Design your take on Responsive UI. Visit About Lithium Responsive to learn more.


Overall Winner
The one to rule them all. This can either be a customization, integration or Responsive UI project. Aside from the grand prize, the overall winning team will get bragging rights for a year.


Your project must fall into one of the 3 categories: community customization, integration or Responsive UI. They will be judged based on completeness, value to the end-user, applicability to other Lithium customers and creativity… stay tuned to see who our judges will be this year!


What can you do?

  • Form teams! This group was created for you to get to know your potential teammates (or challengers) before LiNC and to start sharing ideas. That way, on the day of the hackathon, you can spend less time thinking of what to build and more time actually building it.
  • Review the Developer Documentation. A few months ago, it received a new home. The Developer Documentation Portal was created and designed by @SuzieH and @JohnD to bring all developer resources into one place for an easier research and browsing experience.


May the odds ever be in your favor.