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Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Thank you and see you next year!

I hope you are all recovering after a crazy week at LiNC'16! Thank you for participating in this year's hackathon and to Persistent Systems for sponsoring this event for the third year in a row.


Here is a list of the winning teams and worthy challengers - stay tuned for a blog post recapping the event and each team's projects: 


Overall Winner: The Bridge

Amy Trice, QVC

John Linster, Comcast

Keyai Lee, QVC

Stéphane Akkaoui, The Social Client


Best Responsive UI: Responsive Home

Claudius Henrichs, Skype

Miikka Oksanen, Skype

Patrick Kaufmann, Glowing Blue

Vanessa Meister, Glowing Blue


Best Total Community Integration: Auto-Magic

Jason Nitta, Wester Governors University

LaRhonda Frost, Activision

Lindsey Duncan, Southwest Airlines

Naveen Narayan, Expedia


Best Customization: Swiss Interactive Home

Armin Ledergerber, Swisscom

Jan Biller Grau, Glowing Blue

Lukas Zahnd, Glowing Blue

Sabrina Heid, Glowing Blue


Streamr by ZIT

Emily Gerngross, Zuora
Maksim Demin, Zuora
Zach Waggoner, Zuora



Toby Jones, Televista
Jon Kim, Comcast
Tim Marshall, NETGEAR
Ashish Shah, Everyday Health Media



Faruk Avdi, SANE Australia
Everett James, USAA
Nathan Morrow, SANE Australia


In the meantime, enjoy these fun action shots and check out our recap video in the LiNC'16 event group. Cheers!






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Re: Thank you and see you next year!

Correction : Stéphane Akkaoui is from the excellent The Social Client agency based in Paris !! While Cultura is one excellent customer we have in common !
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Lithium Alumni (Retired) Lithium Alumni (Retired)
Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Re: Thank you and see you next year!

@ArnaudL I made this correction. Thanks a ton for capturing these photos from the event!