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Two Community Managers looking for a Hackathon Team!

Hi Everyone!


This will be my first Hackathon, and my 2nd LiNC appearance. This year I brought along a colleague, Amy Trice, who manages the Customer Care portion of our Community on We work in retail so we are interested in connecting super fans, of QVC, together to chat about SHOPPING!  <big smile>. This summer marks our 1st anniversary using the Lithium platform to host our Community on We also implemented LSW to manage the Community and 30 facebook pages.


Amy and I would love to join a team to provide our knowledge as Community Managers, unfortunately we have no technical strength to bring to a team. Per an email from Rachel we need to form a team! I know this post is late so hopefully Wednesday morning we can find a team when we arrive in the morning.


Looking forward to an amazing day of creativity!


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Re: Two Community Managers looking for a Hackathon Team!

@Keeeyyyaaaiii No worries if you don't have a team.  There will be plenty of others looking to form a team and we'll help connect those of you looking for teams together.  And even if your team has limited developers that's OK too.  Completeness is just one of the criteria for evaluation.  A creative solution even if a mock has just as much chance of winning if it delivers solid value and is presented in a creative way.  


I'm looking forward to meeting you there.  And don't forget that the first rule of Hackathon is have fun!