Lithys 2018: Cultura - Social Marketing Champion

Lithys 2018: Cultura - Social Marketing Champion

Company: Cultura

Company background: CulturaCréas is a community for enthusiasts of creative pastimes. It was founded by Cultura, a French retail company with 88 stores, specialized in cultural goods and creative leisures. 

Contact: Julie Dayon

Title: Community Manager

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Lithy category: Social Marketing Champion

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    Extend the experience in stores and inspire our clients

In every Cultura store there is a workshop area where clients can practice their passion about creative activities with a facilitator.Cultura_Auxerre_011.jpg



Therefore, the CulturaCréas community was thought as an extension of the shop. A place where the client who is passionate about creative leisures can find the activities offered in the workshop (link tutorials), share his creations with other members (links creations), ask questions about products or techniques (questions) and find the creative news of Cultura and his shop.

  • Reinforce the link between customers and their store manager

Customers passionate about creative activities are very attached to their workshop facilitator. For many of them, she has become way more than a sales consultant, but a real friend with whom they can share around creative leisures.

Many clients were frustrated because they could not continue the relationship with their workshop facilitator between two workshops. On CulturaCréas, they can find her, discover her new DIY before coming back to the store, ask her questions, and share with her the finished or homemade creations.

Exchange and connect enthusiasts to talk about Cultura

And of course, the main objective is to encounter other enthusiasts in order to create exchanges and to talk about Cultura as an expert of creative leisures and DIY in France.

The editorial line of CulturaCréas :ok.png




Creative challenge that recruit new members who have a great interest in creatives leisures, who come back on the community after the contest to participate. All contests are relayed and promoted in Cultura stores as well.

News around creative leisures: products, stores, etc.

Cultura product managers and workshops facilitators often post content available to customers, including DIY posts, the most popular content on the community.

Customers, for their part, post their creations made in stores or at home and can ask questions about a product or technique.

Contributions of CulturaCréas for the brand :

  • Visibility

All conversations posted daily around creative leisures give visibility and legitimacy to the brand. We claim to be experts in creative leisures!

  • Trafic and sales

Even if the main goal is to create engagement, the business is not forgotten.

Each CulturaCreas post contains links to the products used to allow customers to buy them if they want to create the project at home.

Example: this DIY explains with pictures how to make this object :

Before starting the steps, a photo lists all the necessary equipment and the list of products redirects to Cultura e-shop.ex.png


Moreover, we know that enriched content encourages more to buy than a simple product sheet. The content of the community is present on in the product pages, to inspire customers and make them want to buy it. The content of the community helps to sell on the e-shop.



And these bridges between e-commerce and communities work because we found that a CulturaCreas member is a bigger buyer. The average basket of a member of the community is almost 2 times higher than that of a normal customer!

  • Brand preference

Thanks to this online community, we offer a new experience to our customers, we offer them a new service and they feel more committed to the brand. The proof : they consume more and more!

  • Ambassadors are put forward

In order to reward the most active members, a small group of ambassadors has been created (Community leaders). They answer questions on the community, receive products to test, are interviewed on CulturaCréas and are invited as guest on workshops and very private events:


The goal is twofold: to create more engagement to increase their activity on the community and become prescribers.


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