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Lithys 2018: Fido - Digital All-Star

Lithys 2018: Fido - Digital All-Star

Lithys 2018: Fido - Digital All-Star

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Company: Fido 

Company background: Fido connects Canadians to the things they love through its ultrafast LTE network, as well as services such as Fido Pulse Plans and Fido Home Internet (Fido Home Internet currently only available in parts of Ontario). Fido was originally launched by Microcell Solutions Inc. in 1996 and went on to revolutionize the wireless industry in Canada with a unique approach to pricing, a money-back satisfaction guarantee and more. Today, we continue to move ahead with new voice and data technologies as well as the latest in wireless Internet services to keep you connected to what matters most in your life. The Fido network consists of three network technologies GSM, 4G HSPA+ and now LTE – the new global gold standard of wireless technology. Fido wireless compatible devices fall back onto each network, assuring you have a network to fall back onto. Fido also offers its customers access to the Fido wireless network coast-to-coast and with over 300 roaming partners in over 200 countries your device will be compatible wherever you travel.

Contact: Caroline Lalonde

Title: Senior Manager, Social Media and Community

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Lithy category: Digital All-Star

1. Tell us about your digital customer experience: When and why did digital CX become a focus and priority for your organization and what technology(ies) did you decide to implement to help you, and what problem(s) does it help solve?

Focus on Digital Customer Service

Fido’s mission is to connect people and give them the tools to do what they love. That’s why wherever our customers are looking for help online, we’re there. From public/private conversations on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, on third-party forums, Google and iOS app reviews or our own Community, we offer a consistent and reliable customer experience. 


SMM – The Essential Tool for Success in Social Media Support

SMM has allowed us to create a unified customer experience by conveying all conversations from across our channels into one central social media management platform. This not only allowed us to conventionalize our response strategies, but also gather vital analytics used to predict and better manage service and network outages, emerging trends, popular topics, and urgent issues.  

The growth in popularity in Social Media Support has been very positive but also made it challenging in terms of resources and response times. The launch of many projects/initiatives including the operationalization of social media private messaging and introduction of the Fido Assistant (Facebook BOT) has brought many benefits to this ever-growing channel.

The Fido Assistant is continuously in training to understand the questions we ask him in both French and English. More recently, we updated the persistent menus and customer journeys to improve the overall experience. A further advancement was with our authentication process; now initiated by our BOT on Facebook, this has reduced our agent workload by a significant margin. Today, 15% of inquiries are answered without the intervention of an agent.

None of this would have been possible (or manageable) without the versatility and efficiency of SMM.


The Fido Community – The Innovative Public Service  

We unveiled our Lithium powered community in 2010, and it has since grown exponentially.

With an average of almost 6000 unique visitors per day, it is now obvious to us that the Community is not only here to stay; it has become an indispensable customer-favorite.

To start the New Year, we introduced a fresh new look to the Community to further align with Fido’s brand image. We launched a new set of emojis and avatars for our members to better customize their experience. We also revamped our member ranking structure by fine-tuning the algorithms. Our goal was to place more focus on quality instead of on quantity. We also streamlined the rank names to better reflect the participation level of each rank. The below -before and after- pictures provide a glimpse of the refreshed look and feel.


Before and after.png


2. What are the benefits of having both a community and a social media management platform for your organization? How does it improve your strategy for digital customer engagement?

Our strategy is to connect our customers with what they love. We also feel it is exceptionally important that we stay connected with them and that they can easily connect with us. For these reasons, it only makes sense for us to offer superior support on Social Media and to supply a Community in which our customers can interact with each other and with us. 




How the Community benefits our customers

  • Articles and thousands of solutions that are easy to find, accurate and relevant
  • Simple and intuitive navigation on both desktop and mobile
  • Moderator revised content for ensured accuracy
  • Guaranteed response

Our moderators use SMM to respond to requests immediately if it is account specific (service change, hardware upgrade, invoicing inquiry, etc.). If the request is not account specific, the moderator “snoozes” the post for 5 hours. This guarantees every post gets an answer.

We also perform a yearly cleanup of the content: We extract all threads and our team of moderators revise each one to ensure the information is still accurate. Expired content is either updated or archived.

We also write articles based on search results, most viewed topics, survey feedback, and any other valuable information provided in LSI. These articles are then published in our Community TKB (aka. The Community Library).


How the Community benefits our organization

Thanks to the Community, it’s easier for us to have our finger on the pulse. It’s a great tool to gather feedback on our products and services, sites and self-serve tools, customer experience with the Community and other points of contact. The Community also defects calls from our contact centers, which results in cost savings.


How Social Media Support benefits our customers

  • Exceptionally well trained Universal agents handling any and every request, without ever having to transfer the customer.
  • Available 24/7 across a variety of SM properties.
  • Very responsive (under 30min TAR in 2017). Posts are answered within seconds when handled by our Fido Assistant (Facebook Bot).
  • Highest NPS across Fido Care Channels.
  • Reply at your own convenience


How Social Media Support benefits our organization

  • High number of conversations handled by few employees
  • Centralized data (analytics – tags, hot topics, trends, flags)
  • Enables us to deliver best in class Customer Experience
  • Enforcement of our brand voice and image


3. What are your digital results? Please provide your business outcomes and results because of your digital customer experience approach in quantifiable metrics (e.g. revenue, Net Promoter Score, cost savings).


Social Media Support in 2017

Average 2017 TAR increased by only 6 minutes despite a 25% increase in conversation volume over 2016.



The Fido Community in 2017





2017 was a huge year for us here at Fido, especially in the digital support realm. Our Community gained more weight, and we intensified our efforts in reforming how we operate and interact on our social media properties. With Lithium’s support, we continue to provide the exceptional service our customers have come to expect.