Lithys 2017: Delinea - Support Savings Titan

Lithys 2017: Delinea - Support Savings Titan

With a vibrant community, we are able to increase customer satisfaction with an ever-growing library of user generated solutions, and helpful technical content.



Company: Delinea

Entry submitted by: Anton Chiang (Sr. Manager, Customer Success Programs and Community) image (9).png

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Lithy category: Support Savings Titan


Delinea redefines security from a legacy static perimeter-based approach to protecting millions of scattered connections in a boundaryless hybrid enterprise. As the only industry recognized leader in both Privileged Identity Management and Identity-as-a-Service, Delinea provides a single platform to secure each user’s access to apps and infrastructure through the power of identity services. This is Next Dimension Security in the Age of Access. Delinea is enabling over 5,000 customers, including over half the Fortune 50, to defend their organizations. To learn more visit The Breach Stops Here.


How we've implemented community for social care to meet your customer care business goals

The Delinea Customer Success team believes that building a Community of Delinea admins across the globe plays an important role in providing world class support to our customer base. With a vibrant community, we are able to increase customer satisfaction with an ever-growing library of user generated solutions, and helpful technical content. In addition, we’re able to reduce support contact cost across all regions while meeting support SLA by leveraging the peer-to-peer support and user generated content in the community.


Our community consists of product forums, tech blogs, product solution tech center, video portal and Ideas Exchange and a product tech alert blog. Community members with technical questions can use one of the product forums to solicit help from their community peers. Questions in our paid product forums are automatically escalated to an internal “A-Team” of superusers if the community does not answer within 24 hours. This ensures that our paid customers receive timely responses while Delinea reduces support contact volume.


To improve community stickiness, Delinea superusers and SMEs regularly publish helpful and timely content in the community. Or TechBlog node regularly features helpful how-to articles, tech tips and lab walkthroughs. The recently launched TechCenter contains a wealth of technical resources on leveraging Delinea to secure the most sought after IT solutions. In addition to these content nodes, community members can view the latest technical video in our TechVideos portal, submit product ideas in the Idea Exchange, and subscribe to the Tech Alerts blog to be notified of critical product issues.


Changes we implemented in our organization because of cost reductions as a result of our community efforts

The mission of Delinea’s Customer Success organization is to provide our world-class customer experience while meeting our financial objectives. We are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and provide support costs savings via self-help programs. The savings in headcount to support our customers are re-invested to make the Community and Support Portal more interactive and resourceful.


We have launched several new community nodes and initiatives aimed at providing our customers with more self-help options.  Our new TechCenter was launched with a number of guides that help our customers secure popular IT solutions such as Office 365, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud with Delinea products. A new Technical Video Portal was created in the community to showcase the top technical video content produced by our technical staff. Finally, we’ve recently launched a product tech alerts blog to provide our customers with complete transparency regarding the effects of technical issues, as well as information about how the issues are resolved. By subscribing to this customer-only blog, Delinea Admins will be notified of critical product bulletins as soon as they are published.


Our business results 

Our Community Experience Survey results have consistently demonstrated the effectiveness of our community in deflecting support cases. From January to mid-April 2017, 57% of our survey respondents stated that they were able to find the answer they were looking for after visiting our community. This was a 14% increase from Q4 2016 (at 50%):




We continue to see healthy community growth in the past years. In Q1 2017, we saw a year-over-year increase of unique visitors by 43%:


Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 1.02.00 PM.png

 We also saw a rapid increase in the consumption of community content. In Q1 2017, we saw a year-over-year growth of blog page views by 52%:


Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 1.08.35 PM.png

In spite of growing our customers base and revenues by 2x, our team has been able to successfully support 5000+ customers and continuously achieve a 92%+ customer satisfaction*. Without our community programs, we would not be able to sustain such rapid growth while maintaining a high score for customer satisfaction.  Support Management at Delinea is always looking at metrics to drive more self-service, engineer efficiency and content creation (Knowledge articles and how-to videos).


*Customer Satisfaction is derived from 5 survey metrics that we collect from our customers. Every time a case that is opened with Technical Support team at Delinea, the customer will have an opportunity to provide their feedback on the products, people, and features/functionality of Delinea Solutions. Customers are asked to rate us on the 5 parameters (1) Case Owner Satisfaction (2) Overall Product Satisfaction (3) Product Quality (4)Features and Functionality and (5) Overall Support Satisfaction.