Lithys 2017: GoDaddy- Topline Titan

Lithys 2017: GoDaddy- Topline Titan





Company:  GoDaddy                                           lithys17_godaddy-logo.png

Entry submitted by: Rachel Makool (Sr. Community Manager) and Eric Steig (Head of End User Communities)

Community: GoDaddy Community

Lithy category:  Topline Titan


GoDaddy powers the world’s largest cloud platform dedicated to small, independent ventures. With more than 16 million customers worldwide and more than 70 million domain names under management, GoDaddy is the place people come to name their idea, build a professional website, attract customers and manage their work.


Implementation Goals

  • Provide quick and immediate answers to customer questions to save them time while in the flow of their work.
  • Encourage engagement of our customers to aid in learning of GoDaddy products and services to enhance usage.
  • Enhance learning and engagement for our employees to increase understanding of customer's needs and expectations of GoDaddy.
  • Reach critical mass by achieving 50% of all traffic as organic.

Focus Areas and Tactics

  • Tightly managed KPIs like 1st Replies to topics, average time to 1st reply, % of employee to Community replies and # of posts per forum per day.
  • Formed tight relationships with top contributors and spotlight their contributions which resulted in increased levels of participation throughout the Community.
  • Started with a small number of forums (7) and increased to sixteen forums by April 2017 which resulted in visitors seeing increased signs of activity and recency.
  • Added features that enhance the experience like related links, promotional widgets, Tutorials, easy and prominent way to add a topic, etc., which resulted in increased page per session and making the site more sticky.
  • Included Community posts in federated search in our Help section of the site, which resulted in crosslinking and driving new users to the Community from other areas of GoDaddy websites.


Working with our Business Intelligence team, we created reports to track how Community content has contributed to GoDaddy revenue and orders. As we’re a publicly traded company, we cannot disclose the actual numbers, but we can report that we have seen significant growth and contribution to the bottom line for GoDaddy. We’ve illustrated this growth by month since the launch of our Community in April 2016 through March 2017, through percentage of increase month over month.


Number of GoDaddy Orders attributed to the GoDaddy Community



You’ll see in the graph below that we have increased our revenue growth by 65%, all attributable to our Community.

We’ve also seen significant growth month over month in key metrics such as page views, new registrations and member visits over the same 12 month period.


Page Views over 12 monthsImage_002.pngNew Registrations over 12 monthsImage_005.pngMember Visits over 12 months

Image_006.pngWe also set a goal of hitting critical mass of 50% of our traffic generated by organic search and reached this goal in Q1 of this year.



Due to these results, we plan to continue to add new features to our Community and increase our revenue contribution by 18% year over year.