Lithys 2017: Optus - Support Savings Titan

Lithys 2017: Optus - Support Savings Titan

In FY16, Optus implemented a digital-first strategy to improve the digital customer experience and enhance our self-service support options.




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Entry submitted by: Nadia Hudson, Senior Manager, Digital Communities, Service, and Claudia Sagripanti, Senior Digital Project Manager, Digital Sales & Service 

Community: Yes Crowd - Optus

Lithy category:  Support Savings Titan


Optus provides a range of communications services that include mobile, national and long-distance services, local and international telephony, business network services, internet and satellite services and digital media services.


In FY16, Optus implemented a digital-first strategy to improve the digital customer experience and enhance our self-service support options. The aim of this digitally led approach to customer service and experience was to reduce calls into our contact centres and save the business money. Yes Crowd was pivotal to the success of this strategy and we were charged with deflecting 1,000,000 calls from the call centres which would increase Optus’ cost-savings substantially.


This year Yes Crowd deflected 1,521,266 calls and made a colossal 163% increase in costs saved YoY.

How did we save so much?


These are the three key ways we did it:

  1. Engaging content
  2. Single Sign On
  3. Bespoke support hubsa1.png







Engaging Content


This year we published 265 blogs that helped generate close to 5 million unique visits to Yes Crowd. Here are some of the articles we wrote to support important business initiatives, new product launches and even a large-scale handset recall.


Blog Support Content



Calls Deflected

Usage Alerts



TV and Music Streaming



2G Network Shutdown



Note 7








The timely and useful content on the blog helped us deflect 728,097 calls from going through our contact centres and increased Optus’ cost savings in the process.









Single Sign On


Single Sign On enabled Optus customers to log into Yes Crowd and their Optus My Account with one set of login credentials. Prior to the launch of Single Sign On, customers were required to register for My Account and Yes Crowd separately, which placed an unnecessary barrier to entry when they needed to engage with us on the platform. In the six months prior to the implementation of Single Sign On, we received 7,882 complete registrations to Yes Crowd. In the six months after Single Sign On launched, we achieved 17,183 completed registrations – that’s a huge 188% increase in registered users because we simplified our processes by using Lithium technology.


Bespoke Support Hubs


As part of Optus’ digital-first customer support strategy, we also built three bespoke support hubs for Optus Sport, SMB and handsets. The Optus Sport support hub received 100k visits within the first two months after launch and achieved an incredible feat of 90% digital containment, meaning that only 10% of customers who visited the hub needed to call for further assistance. Similarly, our Business Care hub providing support for SMB customers helped us deflect 21k calls in the first 3 months post-launch.


Premier League Hub











Handset Hub




This year we made it our mission to educate the business on how digital communities can play a key part in customer service and have pushed for Yes Crowd to be used as the solution to many of the issues we faced, like the Samsung Note 7 handset recall and closure of our 2G network. We have utilised Lithium technologies such as Single Sign On, improved our UX and optimized Yes Crowd for mobile so it is as easy as possible for our customers to access our community. When added together, these three elements: education, advocacy and innovation all helped us deflect 1,521,266 calls and achieve an incredible 163% increase in costs saved YoY.


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Amazing work! Well done team!!


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Amazing results - what a great year!

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