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Lithys 2017: SuccessFactors/SAP- Social Marketing Champion

Lithys 2017: SuccessFactors/SAP- Social Marketing Champion

Peer Match is an innovative and valuable resource, enhancing both the value of the Customer Community, and customer-to-customer connections for HR and IT Professionals.




SAPTeaser.pngCompany:  SuccessFactors/SAP                                                            

Entry submitted by: Danielle Beeken (Global Director Customer Empowerment/Community)

Community: SuccessFactors Community

Lithy category:  Social Marketing Champion


People are the heartbeat of every organization and great business results start with great people. When people are all-in, feeling supported, trained, rewarded and motivated, they do what it takes to win. As the leading cloud-based HCM Suite, SAP SuccessFactors helps more than 6,000+ customers, and 45+ million cloud application subscribers, across more than 60 industries in over 177 countries, tap into this heartbeat.


HR Peer Match


SuccessFactors SAP Peer Match, the ultimate customer connection tool with the click of a button!


Even though it sounds like it, we actually aren’t setting our customers up on dates! Customer experience innovations are needed to keep the HR field moving forward. In today’s digital age, there is an immense amount of possibilities and opportunities. SuccessFactors/SAP has revolutionized the way customer relationships are formed with an innovative approach to connecting HR Professionals. The SAP SuccessFactors Community, powered by Lithium, has pioneered a way for HR Professionals to connect 24/7 around the world matching customers requesting information with customers who are willing to share experiences, knowledge and establish a customer network. HR Peer Match is a customer-to-customer connection tool driving increased self-service, mentorship and camaraderie. This innovative tool is not only moving the HR field forward it is allowing HR Professionals the opportunity to quickly and easily connect regarding SAP SuccessFactors experiences to drive solution success within their organizations. The Peer Match program is a self-service concept allowing HR professionals direct access to an extensive network to achieve their transformation goals.


Our goal is to make our Community as interactive as possible, by fostering a culture of customer camaraderie and networking. We encourage HR Professionals to participate in Peer Match as an Advisor and/or search for an HR Professional to connect with. People love to talk about what they know and their knowledge and experience is priceless to others looking for similar success. Our clients are often searching for the opportunity to learn how other customers implemented a product, how two products were integrated or how they engaged support. If you are an HR Professional who enjoys sharing experiences and how you have achieved success the matching process allows you to sign up as an “advisor”.


How it Works! Advisors are registered by completing a profile in the Peer Match system that includes the topics they are willing to talk to another customer about, checking boxes and completing fields on their expertise. Once the profile has been submitted the Advisor is ready to share their story with other HR Professionals! The Peer Match Search is activated by HR Professionals checking the products and topics they wish to speak to an Advisor about. The matching system targets specific fields such as product, industry, location, number of employees, etc. to find the best advisor match. Once a match has been made, Advisees’ contact the Advisors directly through a “Contact Me” button that generates an email to the advisor to set up a meeting.


Peer Match is an innovative and valuable resource, enhancing both the value of the Customer Community, and customer-to-customer connections for HR and IT Professionals. “Peer Match is a really nice initiative by SAP. I have already been contacted by many different people located around the globe who are dealing with similar issues than we in Cargotec which has been great. It has been useful to talk to each other and share experiences both ways.” Heini Kämi from Cargotec Corporate HR.


Peer Match has over 300 registered advisors and 1,000 active searches with an estimated number of over 100 connections for 2017. Companies and HR Professionals are realizing extensive value through this revolutionary tool that is saving time and money while making the industries best connections for HR Professionals to be successful with technology.


Hear more from our customers who have used and received value from HR Peer Match!


  • “I was very impressed that after I reached out to these individuals I received a response within 24 hours and had three meetings set up quickly.”
  • “I provided some information about our needs and our Peer Matches responded asking some clarifying questions which really helped the conversation when we were on the phone.”
  • “One of the Peer Matches was very willing to share his screen and allow us to see how they were using Jam.  It was invaluable to see their instance—and it gave us to opportunity to ask some additional questions once we saw their set-up.”
  • “The conversations were very good—a true sharing experience.  There is a difference between watching a “canned” demo and seeing something in actual use.  I was impressed with their different approaches to using the same product features.  It gave us some great ideas that we had not considered.  We asked them all if we could stay connected and could reach out to them if we ran into anything we couldn’t find an answer for—and the answer was an overwhelming YES.  Each person was very passionate about the tools and had a wealth of practical experience.  It was a very positive experience.”