Lithys 2017: TechStyle - Digital CX All-Star

Lithys 2017: TechStyle - Digital CX All-Star

TechStyle Fashion Group is comprised of high-value membership driven fashion brands supported by a community of more than 4 million active members. 

Our members buy from us because we bring them personalized, on-trend style at an amazing value.



Company:  TechStyle

Entry submitted by: Sarah Bogdan (Lead of Social Member Services), Mike Gamez (Project Coordinator), and Anna Pettus TechStyle Logo1.png(Sr. Director Strategic Operations)

Social Channels: TechStyle supports over 40 Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages around the world for Fabletics, JustFab, Shoedazzle, and FabKids.

Lithy category:  Digital CX All-Star




Techstyle is the bridge between traditional retail and the modern consumer, leading the way with cutting-edge fashion and proprietary e-commerce technology. By continuously evolving our business practices and technology, we’re able to shift the fashion industry into the future of digital experience and support.





Membership for community and personalization


A membership system may not be the first choice for most fashion companies, but then again, we’re not most fashion companies. We are pioneering the fashion world with practices inspired by major tech companies like Netflix or Amazon.


Our membership brings customers directly back to our site every month. By giving members new products as they are released, we’re able to lower advertising costs and increase consumer loyalty. The result is pricing as low as half the typical retail price, without sacrificing quality or manufacturing practices.




With unique member information, we’re able to offer a truly curated shopping experience, based on the member’s style choices, sizing, and shopping behavior. With our Personal Styling program, they can even receive a box of items selected specially for them by one of our stylists. They can try the items on in the comfort of their own home and choose their favorites to keep.


We’re able to achieve all of this and more through our unique blend of industry-leading, third-party tools and enterprising proprietary software.


Paving the Way with Technology


For us, our Tech is just as important as our Style. Technology not only allows us to effectively connect between our teams and brands globally, but also empowers our customers through Self-Service.




Encouraging customers to self-serve enables them to have a faster, more intuitive experience, while enabling TechStyle to run more optimally staffed contact centers. One great example is our state-of the art Interactive Voice Response application. Since most of TechStyle’s customer base has an “on the go” lifestyle, this service has become a quick and favorable option for our members.


Facebook Messenger has rapidly become a game-changer for self-service, so it was a no-brainer to offer our members FBM automatic options. In the early part of 2017, we launched FBM bot, responding to member’s questions and concerns in real time. Integrating this with Lithium SMM for Service, we’re able to offer a more customized experience, reference past social media interactions, and use metric learnings to optimize support even further.

Select members can also connect to the Facebook Messenger bot at checkout to receive automatic tracking updates.  A key pillar to our digital support strategy is being where our members are when they need us.


As we continue to expand our brick-and-mortar presence, we’ve also found ways to innovate retail technology. With our cloud-based Omni Cart system, members are able to smoothly do returns, exchanges, check sizes, and add member points seamlessly between our store or website. They can even ship an order to their home directly from a fitting room console.


Empowering Agents Through Technology




Connecting agents across numerous brands, countries, and languages is no easy task. Lithium SMM for Service has been integral to this success. This powerful platform allows us to sort through hundreds of thousands of social posts by region, content, and priority to create global efficiency and synergy between our agents resulting in valuable connectivity with our members.

To further streamline our support strategy, we have combined Lithium with highly customized in-house tools. We created GMS Connect, a one-stop knowledge base for our “Global Member Services” department. GMS Connect can instantly send notifications to all agents and hosts a number of resources, forums, and social live feeds for each team.





We also built our own home-grown custom CRM tool, uniting all brands and countries on one platform, called Bond. Bond is an infinitely scalable CRM system built on an API-driven design that allows for easy, secure data flows. Its ease of use has reduced training time for new agents and cut customer-response times to well below industry averages.




Looking to the future


As TechStyle moves toward the future, we continue to expand our digital touch points and capabilities. We’re expanding and personalizing our use of Lithium SMM for Service. We are exploring Amazon Echo integration for our members, and as we look ahead, Alexa will be powered to handle returns, answer complex billing questions, and more.


Many of the custom tools mentioned wrap up into our proprietary FashionOS enterprise software suite. On top of providing a smooth, personalized customer experience, FashionOS gives us the resources to launch new brands efficiently and seamlessly, while maintaining customer trust and loyalty. With each new brand, we’ll bring a wealth of learnings and be ready to handle quick growth, volume and expansion.  With all of these tools and knowledge at our fingertips, TechStyle is committed to delivering the most personalized digital experience to the consumer well into the future.







Loved this insight into how TechStyle is leveraging tech for fashion and customer service! Great job!


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Always trying to innovate!