Lithys 2017: Telenet bvba- Social Marketing Champion

Lithys 2017: Telenet bvba- Social Marketing Champion

The goal is to create an environment where users can ask questions about everything they want, especially the devices or services not related to Telenet.




telenet.pngCompany:  Telenet bvba                                                            

Entry submitted by: Stijn Speltens (Social Media Advisor)

Community: Telenet Community (De Netweters/Les Netnologues)

Lithy category:  Social Marketing Champion


As a leading provider of media and telecommunications services in Belgium, Telenet is always looking for the ideal experience in the digital world for all of its residential and business customers. Our goal is simple: making work and life easier and happier. 

To realize this ambition, we are committed to becoming the leading provider of converged connected entertainment and business solutions in Belgium by 2020. 


At Telenet we strive for sustainable growth, with a good balance between operational excellence and social responsibility, taking into account the social, economic and environmental aspects of our business operations. Together with our employees and our partners, we want to make a positive contribution to the Belgian digital economy and build a digital society that is accessible to all. 


The goal: promoting the rebranded community

As part of an overall strategy to deliver excellent customer experience, Telenet decided to plan visits to all our customers to make sure their connection is in the best possible shape. During these visits, technicians look at all the Telenet hardware and ensure that that the setup is optimal for that customer. These interventions focus mostly on Telenet hardware, but questions concerning other devices need a place too, as customers often have questions about other non-Telenet devices in their home such as routers or television sets. To this end, the community was repositioned as an online extension to this massive project.  If you can’t find an answer to your question on the company webpages, whether it be about software settings, hardware configurations or help with a specific device, there is a place on the Community forums. 


Our customers have an ample range of communication methods like telephone, e-mail, shops and social media, and these channels are in place to fully support all Telenet devices. For all the other non-Telenet device related questions, the community is the new place to be.

1.pngAs new members are welcomed by the staff, the friendly atmosphere and activity of other members helps them feel at ease.  New features like badges and a revamped rank structure were also put in place to reward a wide range of activity, increasing the loyalty and engagement of even our newest members.


The goal is to create an environment where users can ask questions about everything they want, especially the devices or services not related to Telenet. This way we can point our customers to a specific solution that might not exist on our company help pages, or leverage the content to create or build upon articles on our help pages. The content is created by customers for customers.  

Our unique promotion 

As the new Telenet community opened its doors, existing members received an e-mail on December 21st announcing the rebranded community and thanking them for all the support and content over the previous two years. The e-mail triggered a large volume of users to return to the community.

A sponsored Facebook post kicked off the social campaign on December 26, triggering a large volume of clicks towards the Telenet community. With a new mobile responsive skin, the community also saw a steep increase in mobile visits.


Banners on various branded and unbranded pages were created to increase awareness of the Telenet community. Additionally, a clip about the community was displayed in the background of the login screen of Telenet’s customer portal.

As the digital universe got to know the new community, all focus could now turn to the offline world. Several radio clips were played on national radio, spread over a period of 3 weeks. These spots brought a humorous little story of a Telenet customer who had a question about a non-Telenet device.


Another offline promotion was created in the monthly bill, where a spot was reserved in the document to promote the community platform. Spread over a longer period of time, these invoices dropped in the mailboxes of our customers.




Our results
The promotion campaign triggered awareness and a significant increase in traffic. During the full campaign stretching over a period of 5 weeks. Here are some statistics of those weeks:

  • 34% more unique visitors were welcomed
  • These great people consumed 16% more content
  • And mobile usage rose to an all-time high of 70%
  • The monthly total of 80 kudos got overshot, in total 360 kudos were given over the campaign period

The super user program got its kick off with the launch of the new forum. This group was chosen based on activity and statistics but more importantly, by how they interact with others. This 1% of all users provides nearly 50% of all the content, from answers to full-blown tutorials on network equipment configuration.


The Future

We noticed that social media posts were particularly effective in increasing unique visitors. Therefore, plans in place to increase promotion of the community on multiple social media channels in the future.


Web analytics results for the community were turned upside down and inside out to find points on where to improve SEO. Additionally, SEA is on the drawing board to improve the range.