Lithys 2017: USAA - Social Support Champion

Lithys 2017: USAA - Social Support Champion

Through a joint effort with business partners, calculated planning, and resource training, USAA implemented numerous enterprise social servicing capabilities that promote excellence in member service.Logo5.png




Company:  USAA

Entry submitted by: Bill Gerth

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Lithy category:  Social Support Champion


USAA provides a full range of highly competitive financial products and services to the military community and their families. Serving millions of members USAA is one of the only fully integrated financial services organizations in America. USAA has earned its member’s trust by providing years of award-winning service through a comprehensive suite of financial products and advice. Members rely on USAA’s world-class employees who are committed to delivering superior service. USAA’s members expect excellence in customer service from a financial services organization that has served generations of military families. Service, Loyalty, Honesty and Integrity, USAA stands ready to serve.


Social Customer Service Initiative in 2016-2017

As social servicing matures into a channel of choice, optimized responsiveness and member satisfaction is critical to USAA. Business requirements need ongoing exploration, platform management, and business process development to address member complaints through social servicing. Lithium provides the technology meeting USAA’s social customer service needs with speed and efficiency while enabling multiple enterprise servicing capabilities. In 2016, Lithium Social Media Management (SMM) was introduced to 11 major business units with 6 financial service business teams interacting with members in social channels on a daily basis. The net result is an optimized member experience in social networks with a reduction in time on task for business processes and FTE savings. 


Through a joint effort with business partners, calculated planning, and resource training, USAA implemented numerous enterprise social servicing capabilities that promote excellence in member service. The business strategies, new processes and capabilities improved key performance indicators while providing a better member experience in USAA owned and managed social properties.


Social servicing capabilities include:

  • Implemented enterprise platform (SMM) across multiple business units (Feb ’16 - March ‘16)
  • Completed enterprise training, 104 users in 2 days expanding social customer care (March ‘16)
  • Established enterprise social customer care SLA of less than 30 minutes with reduction of social acknowledgement time by 20% (June ‘16)
  • Created custom profile integration for complaints enabling a reduction of social customer care internal documentation from 24 hours to 1 hour; 95% time on task savings (July ‘16)
  • Implemented Social Early Warning System aligned to key business indicators (July ‘16) (Process Patent)
  • Implemented Social Handle Member Match capability for CRM profile identification (Sept ‘16)
  • Enhanced social servicing community process, 90% efficiency gain in member community (Sept ‘16)
  • Released Lithium mobile enabling management real-time assistance and review (Nov ‘16)
  • Completed enterprise and business level analytics

Approach to Customer Satisfaction

USAA consistently focuses on providing an optimized member experience while removing any touch points that could impart negative sentiment from our members. In doing so, we focus on building state of the art infrastructure and capabilities that bring together all member data and public or private touch points.


With the integration of Lithium SMM, USAA can pull data from Lithium technology and create multiple capabilities that provide a full member 360 point of view from all contact channels as well as integration into the USAA’s CRM. With the connection of data, USAA now has the capability for a full cross-channel strategy, allowing us to build and execute beautiful, seamless experiences for the member. Some of the infrastructure and capabilities in more detail are:

  • Member Match
    • Optimized member verification process in less steps
    • Connection point from within SMM to USAA CRM Opt-in and Harvested social data
    • 2 FTE savings
  • Full CRM integration of social data
    • Allows social data to be stored and documented for all USAA MSRs to see
    • Completes 360 view of the member from all support channels
    • Automation of social analytics


Our implementation of Lithium SMM enabled USAA to meet our member’s social customer service needs with speed and efficiency. The net result is a reduction in time on task for business processes and FTE savings.

  • FTE savings
    • Social Early Warning System- 1 FTE savings
    • Member Match- 2 FTE savings
  • Enterprise Analytics
    • MSI 90% MoM  – The percentage of social media responses issues by SMM in less than 30 minutes from the time they were initially available in SMM.
    • Average Handle Time 6-7min MoM  – The average cumulative amount of time each response was being actively worked by a user in SMM.
  • Average Speed of Answer 22min MoM The average amount of time it takes USAA to respond to the first post in a conversation thread that requires enagment, from the time it is available in SMM (typically within 5 seconds of posting to the social media platform) to the time USAA issues a response.
  • MSR level reporting See visuals below
  • Closed verse response
  • Response volume by average speed of answer by agent
  • Closed conversation breakdown
  • MSI by Social Network


image1.pngAgent 1Agent 2Agent 3.pngimage3.pngimage4.pngimage5.png










Amazing results, Team USAA.  2016 was a very busy year and that is reflected in the work completed and results delivered.  


Congratulations and good luck!


Beverly Dunn

Thanks Beverly!

Thank you for your support Beverly!

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