Lithys 2017: du - Support Savings Titan

Lithys 2017: du - Support Savings Titan

Our goal is to drive the digital revolution for our customers and our business. We will do this by offering a seamless, excellent experience across all our digital channels, as well as finding smarter digital solutions that offer the greatest value.



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Entry submitted by:  Samya Chahin (Director Digital Self Services)

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du started operating in 2007, offering mobile and fixed telephony, broadband connectivity and IPTV services. Today, we serve more than 7.5 million individual customers and over 80,000 businesses in the UAE. We also provide carrier services for businesses and satellite up/downlink services for TV broadcasters


About our team: Digital Experience

Our goal is to drive the digital revolution for our customers and our business. We will do this by offering a seamless, excellent experience across all our digital channels, as well as finding smarter digital solutions that offer the greatest value.


Digitising Customer Interaction

With digital transformation on the rise, customer preferences are changing and demanding service providers to shift traffic from traditional channels to online.


At du we pride ourselves on customer care and satisfaction, which is why we carefully monitor all customer behaviour data to find different trends that can help to improve our overall service. One particular trend that stood out, was that a large majority of our website visitors were using mobile devices as their mode of access. This presented a large opportunity for us to adjust the usability and visibility of our website for mobile use.

In 2016, we upgraded our community to a responsive design and embedded it into our du app and website through widgets. We further linked this with the community’s profile plus (see figure 1) capability in order to create a personalised community experience for users, tailored to their unique interests, expertise and preferences. These digital adjustments saw great results, and helped us to improve our customer experience.


We also launched several ask the experts program’s’ (see figure 2) where leaders throughout our business faced live questions from our community audience. This provided a perfect pathway for our customer care agents and du employees to interact with customers directly and in a less formal way. It also provided us with a deeper understand of our customer needs, spoken directly from the customers’ mouth, allowing us to accordingly improve our services.


As one of the largest telecommunications providers in the UAE, we have seen the rise in digitalisation across all ends of our business. This has not only caused us to adjust our service portfolio but also the way we interact with our customers. We have made the necessary changes to our methods of interaction by implementing customer-centric digital technologies that drive satisfaction.

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Implementing Customer Ideas

We have built a digital community where customers and du employees can come together and discuss different aspects of our business. Whether it is a small question about a service or a suggestion for a potential service addition or even a market trend, we have provided a central location to ask it. 

We believe in the ability in each and every one of our employees at du, everybody has specific knowledge in different expert areas that should be shared. This is another reason why we introduced the ‘expert program’, it was a great way to engage the whole company in customer case. In addition to this, we have also set up a dedicated social support team who monitor and manage our Social Media channels, including our community.

The purpose of our community is to allow our customers to voice their ideas and have them heard, as well as having all issues resolved quickly without hassle (see figure 3). 35% of all submitted ideas were taken forward for implementation to fulfill the customers’ needs. Please see the analytics provided in figure 4 for further information into this development.

We treat our customers as partners, and believe that the only way to truly build and grow our business is by encouraging collaboration. This way we can create tailored solutions that meet our customers’ expectations and drive satisfaction.


The results

Community searches increased by 964% in 2016 where 59% of customers confirmed that they were able to find the solutions (Jan 2017) to their questions via the community (see figure 5). We were able to deflect ~ 0.5 mil calls from our contact centres in 2016 presenting $1,5 mil of cost savings (using $3 cost per call, a benchmark for EMEA region) and a 204% increase in support cost savings compared to 2015 with 238% ROI.




We had observed phenomenal results with 2015/2016 YOY growth in all key performance measures as follow:


  • Accepted Solutions 535%
  • Registrations 351%
  • Page Views 250%
  • Visits 189%
  • Solution Views 122%

Our customer contact base measure (see figure 6), which presents the number of customer complaints received through shops and contact centres versus subscriber base, has decreased from December 2015 to December 2016 by 17%.





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