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Lithys 2017: du - Topline Titan

Lithys 2017: du - Topline Titan

We are dedicated to customer experience, this has involved the implementation of relevant digital strategies to evolve and improve our community throughout 2016-2017.



Company:  dulogo.png

Entry submitted by:  Samya Chahin (Director Digital Self Services)

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Lithy category: Topline Titan


du started operating in 2007, offering mobile and fixed telephony, broadband connectivity and IPTV services. Today, we serve more than 7.5 million individual customers and over 80,000 businesses in the UAE. We also provide carrier services for businesses and satellite up/downlink services for TV broadcasters


About our team: Digital Experience

Our goal is to drive the digital revolution for our customers and our business. We will do this by offering a seamless, excellent experience across all our digital channels, as well as finding smarter digital solutions that offer the greatest value.


Overall Customer Experience
Digitalisation is changing the meaning of customer relationship management. Today, businesses are presented with multiple electronic platform options to interact with their customers. The challenge is to effectively service these different means of communication and tailor them to meet both your businesses and customers’ needs.

At du, we pride ourselves on being an open and friendly brand, one that works alongside its customers to successfully build the products and services of the future. We built our online community to provide a central location where our expert employees and customers can come together to discuss problems, trends and innovations.

We are constantly evolving our community to improve its overall customer experience. One particular need that we outlined in early 2016, was that our customers wanted to be able to access our content anytime, anywhere and from any device. Whether they were sitting at home using a desktop or travelling abroad with a mobile, we made it one of our goals to ensure that our digital services were made available with the highest possible quality of experience.

Our community has seen large growth year on year, meaning that interactions as a result have increased. In order for our community to remain effective and achieve further growth, we made it one of our goals to reduce the time to respond to customer queries. On top of this, we also wanted to increase engagement throughout the platform making it fun for users to interact with du, while improving awareness of the community. Out of a large potential of subscribers, we knew that there was a lot more scope for growth.


We are dedicated to customer experience, this has involved the implementation of relevant digital strategies to evolve and improve our community throughout 2016-2017.


Responsive Web-Design

In order make our community more accessible to users we made the decision to roll-out a new responsive website design, hosted by Lithium. Please see figure 1 and 2 to see web-design before and after implementation.  




Users are now able to see the size of the community, current number of users online and the number of posts on the site. Navigation has also been made easier with three simple tabs splitting the community into different sections of use. This design improves the user experience and accommodates to everybody, no matter which device they are using.

Gamification Strategy
At du, we believe that all interactions with our brand should be fun and invoke joy, that is why we introduced gamification into our community. Users are now able to earn digital badges the more active they are on the platform. For example, users can provide solutions to answers posted on the community. If a posted suggestion is accepted as the solution to fix the problem, the user gains a badge (see figure 3).

In addition to this we have introduced competitive creatives as an incentive for users to be more active on our community (see figure 4). For example, we offered our customers the chance to win a free iPhone by simply getting more involved on the platform e.g. asking questions and giving relevant answers. We also introduced a community newsletter that informs our customers of the latest features and activities taking place on the platform (see figure 5). This entire digital experience is monitored and managed around the clock by our team of customer service experts.



Revenue Calculations

Since the implementation of these new digital technologies we have seen our ROI nearly double in the space of a 12 month period. Actual ROI in 2015 was a 116%, which then increased to 238% in 2016. Our revenue uplift for the year increased from $49,058.95 in 2015 to $103,582 in 2016, these are based on a number of different variables as follows:


  • Total Visits: 812,733, 71% seeking support, 54% found the answer
  • Average cost per contact: $3
  • Support cost saving: $934,805
  • SEO referral visits: 560,786
  • Cost per click: $0.7
  • SEO savings: $392,550

User Engagement
Due to the implementation of a new responsive web design and gamification techniques we have seen user engagement grow phenomenally. Hours spent online increased 345% in 2016, with total number of hours amounting to 6433, up from 1447 the previous year. Mobile traffic increased 161% with 589,478 users logging into our community via their smartphones, compared with 225,574 in 2015.

In addition to this we observed a 1933% change in the number of posts from users between 2015 and 2016. With number of Kudos ratings increasing by 88% over the year.

These results clearly illustrate the success of our digital techniques in effectively meeting our community goals. Users are becoming a lot more active throughout all ends of the platform whether that be posting a question via a mobile device, or simply awarding Kudos to another member of the community for their contribution. 


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