Lithys 2018: GoDaddy - B2C Community Innovator

Lithys 2018: GoDaddy - B2C Community Innovator




Company: GoDaddy

Company background: GoDaddy helps small business owners get online and make their small business ideas come to life and succeed with domains, website building tools, and a variety of other products and services.  With over 20 years experience and 17 million global customers, GoDaddy has been at the cutting edge of  helping small, independent ventures succeed. 

Contact: Eric Stieg

Title: Head of End User Communities at GoDaddy

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Lithy category: B2C Community Innovator

1. Describe the innovation(s) and how you settled on the decision to innovate (user request, Lithium suggestion, internal idea, etc.)
Our GoGetter community for small business owners was our second community developed and launched with Lithium. However, it was a first for both companies to have 2 sites on a single instance, utilizing SSO, and also using reverse-proxy with multiple event IDs feeding the bulk-data API and our Hadoop feed for both sites! 

2. Tell us about how you made it happen Did you stage it first, who got an early look, how you drove adoption/use, and any iterations you had to make to get it right.
The innovation included building multiple custom components for vetting & surfacing new mentors,  multiple request types for users to become a mentor or find a mentor, along with multiple APIs to query and display user's profile fields like vertical industry, expertise, professional background, among others.  here's a bulleted list of a few of the key innovations:

  • Single-Lithium Instance with multiple communities
    • Both sites running SSO (a first-ever for Lithium)
    • Both sites running reverse proxy (a first-ever for Lithium)
  • Custom Components built to:
    • Vet potential mentors interested in helping customers
    • Provide mentees an easy-to-submit  mentor request form
    • APIs to query and write new customer profile fields including vertical industry, multiple expertise, professional experience, etc.,
    • New Event IDs added to the nightly bulk API to feed our Hadoop data; translating to # of mentor requests, total mentors, etc.,
    • Surfacing new mentors on a mentor landing page upon vetting and approval.

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 12.59.39 PM.png

3. What were the results? Tell us how it impacted your customer experience or the outcomes you seek as a business.
Since launching the site in March, we have onboarding over 200 mentors who are available to help small business owners grow their business. With over 600 mentor requests submitted, we are averaging a 4.7 positive rating on "expectations and results" on mentoring sessions (on a scale of 1-5).

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