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Lithys 2018: Jawwy - STC - Support Savings Titan

Lithys 2018: Jawwy - STC - Support Savings Titan

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Company: Jawwy - STC

Company background: Jawwy is a new mobile service from STC. It's digital-first, works off an app, and customers can personalise, monitor & manage their plan in real time. With the help of Saudi youth, we've taken a human-centred approach to designing our service & experience

Contact: George Attia

Title: VP Of Customer Care

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Lithy category: Support Savings Titan

1. Tell us how you are implementing digital technologies (e.g. community and/or social media management) for social care to meet your customer care business goals. Please highlight unique programs, technical upgrades and/or API usage to help reach these goals.
We have designed our portal to drive customer first to self-care (FAQs, How to Videos), then to community for peer to peer support and lastly, to our digital care agents if needed, which increase number of self-care interactions to 89% & reduced number of supported interactions

2. What changes in your customer care organization were implemented because of cost reductions based on your community and/or social media management for service platform?
We have reduced number of agents in our contact center from 55 in 2016 to 38 in 2018 which reduced the cost by 30%+, also we invested more in the rewards for community users who are actively engaged & supporting other customers

3. What are your customer care and business results in quantifiable metrics? Include support savings metrics (e.g. cost savings, decreased response time, call deflection, reduced case escalations, and increased agent productivity).
We have achieved cost saving of $ 43,600 on monthly average during 2018 through enhancing the community registration process, rewarding program & directing customers to our community forms & blogs Contact deflection improved by 27% in 2018 vs. 2017 Reduced escalated cases to 3% in 2018 vs 6% in 2017