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Lithys 2018: Samsung Electronics America - Support Savings Titan

Lithys 2018: Samsung Electronics America - Support Savings Titan








Company: Samsung Electronics America

Company background: Created in 2016, Samsung Community was established as a place for US customers to discuss, share tips, and troubleshoot issues with Samsung products and services. The success of Community represented a sea of change towards embracing the needs of millennials and technologically savvy users who were looking to help themselves with issues. This “peer-to-peer” servicing approach was new for Samsung, and represented a key opportunity for reaching tech-savvy users. Since being established in 2016, Samsung Community has grown to over 9.2 million members. It is available on and is integrated into our Live Mobile Support App, Samsung+.

Contact: Aaron Blackwell

Title: Program Manager – Community

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Lithy category: Support Savings Titan



Personalizing Customer Care

At Samsung, we strive to deliver personalized customer care. That means giving our customer’s world class support and how they want it. At the beginning, we only focused on personalizing support by expanding our customer support channels to Twitter, Facebook and Community. After the success we saw in Community, we wanted to take personalized Customer Care to the next level – using user personas to better service our customer.

How’d we do this?  By analyzing Community user activity and demographics, we created personas to understand who our customers are from a Care perspective. We then delivered persona training to teach Community agents how to deliver personalized care for each persona.   

The four user personas in Samsung’s Community:s2.png



This persona-based approach to customer service has dramatically improved the quality of response in Community, and post engagement since the persona project started in early 2017. It empowered our Community agents to understand how to approach customers as early as the initial reach out.



These higher quality interactions produce better content. Whether it’s a popular Accepted Solution or gossip about an upcoming phone, the increase in post quality continues to drive our SEO referral traffic.




This traffic drives our bottom line business case for Community.

The Bottom Line

Investing in a Customer Care Community is one of the best investments Samsung Customer Care has made for the bottom line. Our support savings are up 255% Y/Y and growing exponentially.

Beyond The Bottom Line

While cost savings are important to us, we know happy customers are our real end-game. Looking forward, we plan to invest in the Samsung Community and fulfill our mission to build the best place for Samsung customers to help each other get the most out of their Samsung products.s5.png





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