Lithys 2018: Total Access Communication Public Company Limited (dtac) - Social Marketing Champion

Lithys 2018: Total Access Communication Public Company Limited (dtac) - Social Marketing Champion


Company: Total Access Communication Public Company Limited (dtac)

Company background: dtac, one of the largest mobile operator in Thailand. At dtac, we are ready to provide digital experience to reiterate dtac’s mission to become the number one digital company and the brand of choice for digital users in Thailand.

Contact: Manida Thiensiripipat

Title: AVP

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Lithy category: Social Marketing Champion

1. Tell us about your unique marketing campaign and/or promotion as well as your goal and key strategies.

Super d HeroSuper d Hero

“Super d Hero”, a Competition to find dtac Community Contributors & Brand Advocates



Dtac online community was created to be as a hub of self-service knowledges and reviews about dtac products and services. However, most of the queries in community are complex and need agents to help, and customers prefer to post questions rather than searching for answers. That why we launched “Super d Hero” with the aims of;


  • Acquiring and cultivating more contributors and brand advocates and educating them to have self-service knowledges & review skills
  • Driving more self-service usage within community and reducing the workload of agents on the simple queries
  • Creating more user-generated-content

Super d Hero consisted of  dtac customers who applied to be in the competition, only 24 applicants would be selected to join the-4-months-competition. Once they were on board, they had to start earning and collecting points through actively contributing to the community in order to promote to the higher rank and earn prizes according to the ranking they reached.

Contributions for each rank were set with different objectives; “d Beginner” was intended to get Super d Hero familiar with the community, measured by very simple metrics with a small amount. For “d Expert” required quantity and a bit quality while higher ranks like “d Excellent” and “d Fantastic” focused more on the quality and they had to do special tasks and get arbitrary points.

Strategies for this campaign were around setting a flexible ranking formula with fewer ranks– I kept adjusting the formula to be more realistic for the Super d Hero.   Maintaining a consistent communication with Super d Hero to keep them motivated and to get to know them better and grow relationship. Providing them with motivations they were interested ex. workshop with Youtube for those who passed d Beginner. Every tasks were measurable.



2. Share your plan with target audience and how your digital technology (e.g. community and/or social media management platform) helped promote the campaign

We targeted on dtac customers who are keen on digital and social media usage and love dtac.  We promoted Super d Hero campaign via our community, dtac Facebook, Facebook advertisement and, Thailand’s top web board.

For the recruitment process to get 24 Super d Hero, the applicants had to write why they would like to be Super d Hero and why they love dtac on dtac community. 24 out of 44 applicants who got the top kudos got to be in the competition.

We held the press conference announcing the list of 24 Super d Hero and how and when we would run the competition, with digital and technology media and some applicants attended.


VDO  Presenting about Super d Hero and its launching competition video

We also invited the applicant @DigitalFast who got the top kudos to be on stage with us – we interviewed him with similar questions from the requirement process. (He has been with dtac around 14 years!)

(the second from left to right) Super d Hero invited to be on stage(the second from left to right) Super d Hero invited to be on stage           Announcing 24 Super d HeroAnnouncing 24 Super d Hero

At the event, we had photo booths and cocktails with Super d Hero theme. Attendants were having great time taking photos at photo booths.


Activity at the eventActivity at the eventWith digital celebWith digital celeb

Super d Hero Photo BoothSuper d Hero Photo BoothSuper d HeroSuper d Hero

3. What were the results? Tell us how it helped you acquire customers, serve customers and/or grow your customer base (increased subscribers, engagement increase)


Our Results: Super d Hero Contributions from the Competition


  • At the end, 19 Super d Hero were active until the end of the competition, 3 d Fantastic, 2 d Excellent, 1 d Expert, 13 d Beginner and 14 of them still continue helping the community when they have free time ex writing reviews, replying to queries on community, promoting FAQ & dtac application, giving feedback on dtac products/services.

                                              Ranking d Excellent and d FantasticRanking d Excellent and d Fantastic

  • There were 10,976 replies by Super d Hero, most of the replies embedded with TKB (FAQ) links which drove 6,017 dtac users in community to read FAQs and still increasing due to SEO.


  • With Super d Hero help, customers within community got the first reply faster than without them measured by minutes to first reply (avg) from 136 to 119.


  • 78% increasing in solutions accepted and 5% increasing in solution views compared to the four-month-period before having Super d Hero.


  • TKB (FAQ) pageviews, during the competition measured by LSI, increased 29% compared to a-4-month-period before the competition and still increasing due to SEO


  • There were 30 user-generated-TKB (FAQs) nominated and written by Super d Hero ranked d Excellent and d Fantastic and they got 10,630 unique pageviews


  • More than 500 dtac application downloads influenced by Super d Hero. We provided them a unique link to be used when they replied to questions on community.


  • User-generated-blog increased 93% during the competition. 88 blogs about dtac products/services created by Super d Hero and got 26,141 unique pageviews in total and still increasing due to SEO.