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intuitive, Not

I am brand new to Lithosphere so I have a sort of unique perspective.  I find it really hard to get the info I want.  Much like an infrequent user who would visit a community sporadically when they have a question, I expected it to be obvious how to get my question answered.


I want to get a Community Guideline/Rules doc to use as a startying point for our new community.  I had a heck of a time figuring out how to get it (and still do not have one).


I tried the "Knowledge base" area and gave up.  Tried the "Discuss Customer Forums" section and failed to find it there.


I'm sure that once you know your way around a site like this, it is obvious.  But I come from the school of thinking where people go to forums to get a specific question answered (I need a rules guideline) and then get off.  I don't want to become an expert at navigating around a community...


Maybe a more obvious search finction? 

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So it sounds like you were looking for a doccument that might be a "best practices" starting point for community rules?


Did you try searching?  (Top box on the right - there's a lot of stuff here, so it can blend in a bit)


Search is pretty powerful, but a bit tricky.  I know that there have been discussions here in the lithosphere about what should go into community rules, but by default when I popped in 'rules guidelines' into the search box, it only checked the ideas board and returned your idea and another, but missed out on the forum and KB.  You can broaden the search by changing from category to community.  


I tried again and found several hits in the forums.  Here is one to get you started, and you may want to re-run search and try a couple different terms or just rules to see if you get some other discussions that may help you along.


Ideally, the community should have pooled it's know how and built one comprehensive KB article with links back to the original discussions.   And, the tribal knowledge base provides for that.   If you find one of the discussions that you like check the topic pull down menu and see if you have the "nominate to knowledgebase" option.  If so, select it, and this will put it into the process.


Your point is really wll made that most people - 90% in fact, come to just consume the content while 9% will contribute and 1% or less are going to be those that build those doccuments to fuel the rest.


Please tack on to those rules discussions and pose some additional questions you might have.  They will make for a richer article once it's built.


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I'd like to add also that the Knowledge Base capability is brand new to the Lithosphere, so it is a very young work in progress.  The need for infrequent (or frequent for that matter) users to be able to find the information they need all in one place in a consistent format has been realized, and is being worked on.  Don't be afraid to ask if there's anything you're looking for!  There are plenty of people here ready to help with any questions you have!





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