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Submitting Support Cases - HTML error

You know what would be really cool? If I could submit a support case without getting the absolutely unhelpful "your post couldn't be submitted because of invalid html code" error.

First - why is it I can't submit a post if I use bold, underline, or bullets? Totally ridiculous.

Second - if you won't let me use any or one of the above, WHY IS IT IN THE TEXT EDITOR AS AN OPTION?

Third - thanks for making me solve the mystery of whatever html code isn't accepted, instead of yielding an actually helpful error message. I totally have time in my day for this nonsense.


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Re: Submitting Support Cases - HTML error

Smiley LOL

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Khoros Staff StevenT
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Re: Submitting Support Cases - HTML error

Hi @Nava_Schneider

Thanks for taking the time to bring this up and for managing to find the cause of it.

Interesting though that it won't let you post with any formatting. So it actually uses the same editor as what's on a normal post. Can you post with any special formatting?

I have to admit the error isn't that great, I have brought this to our product team recently and going to work with them on looking on ways to make it better so it actually tells you why it's presenting you with an error 🙂

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Re: Submitting Support Cases - HTML error

Second the Case Portal error messages being very unhelpful. We removed the text editor but primarily due to syncing with SFDC which couldn't handle the rich text format.

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