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Yes, just got that invite to the Spreadfast + Lithium event too, how coincidental!

However unlike past Lithium events (at least UK ones, not sure about US) this one requires you to pay to attend, which is a big change and going to be a struggle at least this financial year since previously we never had to pay for things like this so nothing is in the budget. It's not a huge sum at least with the early bird discount, but still challenging. I'd also like to know what other events are being planned as I won't be able to go to all of them if there's ticket cost and travel involved and I'd like to pick the right ones!

Would be good to understand from Lithium the rationale behind this shift - assume it's the model Spredfast use and being seen as a way to keep costs down? Which is great but if many customers can't come to the event then is it even worth paying for for those that can?

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