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Re: Community Manager Meet Ups (UK)

@miles  I could be way off here but I suspect this is a typical annual “Spreadfast” event and lithium is being tagged on. 

I checked and doesn’t seem to be a detailed agenda for the event so it’s difficult to see if it would even be of any value for a community professional regardless of cost which as you say is an issue. 

Linc, proper linc not the ones they have done in the past couple years has always carried an entry fee but given the speakers and content that has always been good value for money. 

Once we know who’s attending and the content of the spreadfast meeting we may find it’s not that revelant, interestingly I noticed recently that some lithium employees are now using a spreadfast email domain, got me wondering if the lithium brand is soon to be dropped and carry forward the spreadfast name? Off topic I know but I thought I’d mention Given the context 



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