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You are probably right @Fellsteruk. about it being a Spredfast event with Lithium tacked on. 

I've never managed to make it to proper Linc, only the London variant, but always heard good things. 

On branding I think I was expecting a new brand rather than one of the legacy ones taking centre stage and risking alienating customers from the ditched brand. I know from our past M&A activites how surprisingly powerful brand loyalty can be and how challenging it can be as a result. A new brand while more expensive comes with the benefit of being able to make a fresh start, new vision, strategy etc and being able to 'ditch' the baggage associated with Legacy brands - even if ultimately it is many of the same people with the same struggles that are behind the new brand!

I hadn't noticed the email domain change (maybe I'm not talking to the right people) but I am lamenting the switch from Webex to Zoom for meetings, which is a more challenging system to access on a well locked down laptop like I have. 

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