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Add an option to delete photos

Add an option to delete photos

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There seems to be no way to delete a photo that has been uploaded to ones profile on this site. There should be a way to delete/remove photos.

Steps to reproduce:
- Log in,
- Go to your profile (select "my profile" in top right corner)
- select "upload an image"
- upload a profile banner or a profile photo

- browse every corner of the profile and settings areas and discover there is no option to allow any photo you uploaded to be deleted.


Please add a way for photos to be removed. 

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after searching for several minutes, I found the delete option. when you are viewing the images in your albums, if you hover over an image a tiny x appears in the top right corner of the image thumbnail. This x will delete the image. 

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Status changed to: Resolved

This is not working for me - anyone else?


@aleedale Could you please check if you get the option to delete the photos by clicking on "upload an image" and then selecting "all images"?Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 12.35.05 AM.png


IT works thanks!

Happy to help!