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Studio for Dummies (or for those who just have too much going on at once)

Studio for Dummies (or for those who just have too much going on at once)

As I sat in the developer track classes at LiNC I noticed a familiar expression of the faces of several others who sat around me: excitement and intrigue mixed with a strong look on confusion. Shiny new features... but how do I make it happen!? As one of those wearing that face, I think I know why. Some of us Lithium customers wear A LOT of hats. We're the community manager, moderator, graphic designer, trainer, developer, and many other things. We would love to be able to focus on just one of those things and be a total expert - but that wouldn't be possible. It leaves us an expert in some things, an intermediate in most, and a total newbie in some critical elements.


I think many of us can agree that Studio and all things coding tends to be the most difficult. As evident from the developer track and conversations with several Lithium developers, proficiency in Studio and necessary programming languages is a career all in it's own. I'm fairly sure I'm not the only Lithium customer who often finds themselves sifting through dozens and dozens of Developer Community posts trying to make sense of where this code goes, why, and exactly what am I reading. I'm probably also not the only one who has broken their community so badly in stage they held their breath until a rollback actual loaded correctly. I know we can post in the developer community, but I think we're reluctant to clutter that workspace with how-to questions.


So, I'd like to suggest an intermediate developer community of sorts. I'd love to see more articles aimed at folks who know how to make changes in Studio, but aren't sure how to work with intricate code; articles on how to make some easy refreshes to the appearance of your community (changing color, logos, headers); and intros to how to write Rest API for components. Can we make it happen?


I like it.. As a studio dummy myself i would make great use of such content 🙂


I love this idea! You can only read so much on the community before you are just stumped. It might make more sense if I was deep into the code often.. but sometimes I just need to make an edit or alter a position and I don't want to wait X weeks to ensure it's completed.

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Hi @JillianB ,

I'm so happy to hear the suggestions in this thread. I'm the writer at Lithium responsible for Studio and API documentation. I've been with the company just over a year. It's a big job, and one of the biggest dilemmas is gauging the right content for the right audience. (That and juggling priorities of documenting new features while enhancing the existing documentation set.)


I love the idea of a series of "refresh" tutorials. We did recently add an intro to FreeMarker and custom components based on a presentation at one of our developer meetups. I'd love your feedback on whether the level is too high/too low/just right.


Thanks for your input. 




First off, I just want to say I am super impressed by all the content Lithium develops. Right now, I have a few too many pages open - and they're all helping me get just a little bit closer to what I'm trying to achieve. I'm just personally lacking in programming skills, so sometimes articles and posts are lost on me.


However, the article you linked to is a perfect example of what I'd love to see more of. It's super technical, but broken down enough that I can easily follow along, learn, and then experiment on my own. I don't want to have to flood the developer forum (or support - which I almost did last week) with a bunch of "how do I" posts. Articles like this help so much! Smiley Happy


Thank you!

Would be cool to have a "cookbook" section full of sample code for custom widgets, api calls etc I know we have some of this around the dev boards but it would be good to see something similar to what salesforce do with their dev community.


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