3 Things Digital Marketers Just Can’t Stop Talking About

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

What do you get when you put 50+ digital marketers in a room? Well, you get a lot of energy, charisma and passion- that’s for sure. But, most importantly, you get deep discussions on the latest digital marketing challenges, trends, and best practices.


A few weeks ago, Masterclassing hosted an event in SF where Lithium joined in on the fun. We got to learn and hear from brands such as Kimpton, Uber, Gap, Wells Fargo and PG&E, to name a few of the brands that attended.masterclassing.pngSIDE NOTE: Masterclassing offers senior marketing workshops and, in 2017, they plan to host about 150 events (in 30 cities within 12 countries on four continents around the world). Check out their event calendar here.


So, what did we learn? Here are three key learnings (with resources!) from the event.   


  1. Influencer Marketing – It’s still a hot topic! Digital marketers are so curious on how to take advantage of this trend and what the true benefits are. There were a ton of questions, such as: Does it really work? What are the benefits for my customers? Is it hard to execute? As you know, Klout was one of the pioneering brands in influencer marketing; we use the same best practices today. Just check out ‘The future is being the connector, not the creator’ blog and ‘The Impact of Identifying and Measuring Influencers in Marketing’ whitepaper to learn how to identify and engage influencers in your digital marketing efforts.


  1. Content, Content & More Content - From user generated content (UGC), to customer reviews to the content brands publish every day- how do you manage it all in this digital world? And how do you make sure you’re delivering the right content, to the right audience at the right moment? Content challenges are as old as digital marketing itself. So, to help our digital marketers, we have a few resources to help navigate these challenges. Check out our whitepaper: ‘Now You See Me: A Guide to Leveraging Visual UGC’ and a blog recap from a panel discussion: The Top 4 UGC Takeaways from our Panel with Twitter and Medium to help digital marketers combat their latest content challenges.


  1. Reputation Management on Social – We also heard a lot about brand reputation on social. A few brands asked “how to manage the multiple stakeholders who want to approve all social content?” Others inquired: how do I keep our brand voice in tack? What if I can’t respond fast enough on social? What if my tweet angers a customer? What content do I publish to entertain, educate and engage my followers? This is a meaty topic to say the least. The easiest way to tackle it is to take it step-by-step. Start with reading our: 4 Tips to Increase Social Media Engagement and 10 Best Practices in Social Media Marketing. Then, check out 8 Social Customer Service Fails You Can’t Afford to Make to make sure you don’t make those same mistakes. Lastly, end with getting yourself social-ready in 2017 with 5 Social Media Management Boosts You Need in 2017.


As you can see, lots of great chatter at this event. To keep up with where we are next, visit our Global Event calendar and we hope to see you at the next one!


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