4 Must-Have Social Media Tip Sheets for 2017

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Did you know: Creating content is one of the most time-intensive tasks for social media teams? In fact, SocialFresh asked social teams what percentage of their day is spent on content development and they said “content development was the number one answer, taking up 18.5% of social media teams’ time and resources.”


When you think about that – 18% is a big chunk of a day’s time on just creating content. Especially, when that doesn’t include campaign planning, publishing, syndication and monitoring. Just take a look at everything else a social media manager does in our “A Day in the Life of a Social Media Manager” post about our very own @JaniceK.


That said, as social marketers, we’re also looking for easy ways to streamline our day’s activities. Well, we’re here to help with that endeavor!




 We compiled 4 “must-have” one-sheets to make your workday easier and more effective.


Listen up as you will want to download and print these 4 tip sheets today:

  • Tip sheet #1: Top 25 Most Influential Social Media Experts
  • Tip sheet #2: The Ultimate Guide to Social Image Sizes
  • Tip sheet #3: #Holiday Content Calendar
  • Tip sheet #4: When to Post on Social Networks


You’re probably asking: “how can these sheets help me with content creation?” Well, with:

  • Tip sheet #1 - you can now follow the top 25 influential social media experts for content ideas and inspiration
  • Tip sheet #2 - you can now create awesome images hassle free to accompany your content
  • Tip sheet #3 - you now know all big hashtag holidays and plan (#NationalPotatoChipDay is on March 14)
  • Tip sheet #4 – you can now optimize the time/day of each post for increased engagement


Long story short, you won't regret downloading our 4-pack


And, please do let us know your best tips to streamline social media management in the comments.


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