Customer Feedback (NPS/CSAT) is Available!

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

We are excited to launch NPS/CSAT Customer Feedback for Khoros Care. This feature allows brands to survey customers to quickly assess quality of service at the conclusion of a conversation. These prompts for feedback are sent directly in-channel, which means that the customer is not taken to an external website for feedback. Easier participation typically equates to higher response rates. In our Early Access program, we saw response rates trend as high as 80% for some brands! This is a great opportunity to supplement your current feedback strategies. 

Customer feedback can be used with Facebook Messenger, Khoros Brand Messenger, Apple Business Chat, or SMS. The powerful customization options allows admins to create feedback rules that will trigger the survey based on your criteria as well as create custom questions. In Analytics, customer feedback is captured and made available on your shared dashboards and monitor walls. 

Review our documentation and start taking advantage of this feature today!


When a conversation is closed as Resolved (on Twitter for example), where will the user's response to the CSAT appear in Khoros?

Let me clarify a bit...If the conversation is assigned to me and I close it as Resolved, will the user's response reappear in "Pending" or "Assigned to Me" after they submit a rating, or will it just reappear in the queue as a new conversation?


The submitted NPS / CSAT will be invisible to the agent. It will be captured, turned it into a score, the response of the NPS / CSAT will not be a document on any case. So the CSAT response will not make a conversation reappear in any queue.


Thanks! And where will the response be available for viewing?

Feedback responses are captured and made available via Analytics. CSAT and NPS widgets are automatically added to your shared dashboards or monitor walls to report on the results of NPS/CSAT surveys. You will be able to: 

  • Create widgets
  • Drilldown to review conversations
  • Review surveys by channel/questions
  • View customer survey comments (if Webviews are enabled)
  • Export raw reports


After surveys are sent out to customers and they respond, the survey results will be located in Analytics where you can create widgets to display data such as NPS or CSAT, Social Network Filter, Calculation Method, Closed Disposition Filter, etc.


Khoros Alumni (Retired)

@actaylor1 - the survey workflow is designed so that the responses (including the score) are associated with the conversations for which they were sent, but they are not directly visible in the conversation in order to avoid surfacing the information to agents as well as minimizing any cherrypicking for sending surveys only for certain conversations. As @SydeSa explained, the survey data is available through various widget in Analytics for users with the appropriate privileges to view it.