Instagram Video and IGTV Updates

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

What’s Happening?

On October 5th, Instagram Business Team announced that they are combining long-format videos (previously categorized as IGTV) and the traditional short format videos into a single category identified as Instagram Videos. This change is being rolled out on an incremental basis across their entire user base. Please visit Instagram’s announcement to learn more about Instagram Videos. 

What does this mean for your work inside of Khoros Care? 

Until now, we have provided the IGTV categorization to you as metadata that enabled you to create tag rules and apply tags to identify the IGTV content separately for operationalization and reporting, if you wished to do so.

As the Instagram Videos change takes effect, their APIs will no longer provide us with the distinct IGTV categorization for new videos, although all existing IGTV videos will continue to have the metadata as that information is still available via the APIs. As a result of the API change, we will no longer be able to provide the corresponding metadata for new videos, even if they are long format and would have previously been categorized as IGTV.

If you have any workflows or processes that are dependent on the IGTV categorization and identification, we recommend that you review those and update as necessary to ensure that the lack of such identification will not adversely affect your operations. 

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Good to know; Thank you for posting this.