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Lithium Integrates Paid, Earned & Owned Social in One Platform for Digital Marketers

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Think of your last interaction with a company. Did you call them? Email them? Tweet them? Visit a store? Research products on their website or read their reviews? If you’re like more and more customers, then your interaction involved typing on a mobile device. And let’s be honest, most of our communication with each other is increasingly digital, too.


According to a recent Harris Poll, 65% of customers will stop using a brand’s product (even if they love it) if they have a bad experience with the brand. Since these experiences are likely to be digital, the stakes are incredibly high. Brands are listening to customers across more digital channels, responding to more conversations, publishing more content, finding new ways to reach customers…all with higher expectations for authenticity and brand stewardship. It’s exhausting!


What makes this overwhelming job for digital marketers and care even harder is treating each initiative separately. A thousand ad-hoc cuts vs a cohesive plan smartly executed.


Paid, earned and owned Social play roles at each stage of the consumer journey—from the way brands acquire new customers, to how they serve and grow existing ones. And the management of PEO is optimized when approached holistically. A unified approach to PEO simplifies and advances a brand’s digital CX strategy. For example, consider analytics and the ROI story a unified dashboard tells vs separate, siloed views.Paid_Earned_Owned Dashboard.png

Lithium announced integrations today with best-in-class partners across the digital spectrum, bringing PEO together and earning a position as a leader in the SMMS market by Forrester. We're thrilled to roll out:

    • Ads integrations: with paid ad automation tools Brand Networks, Nanigans, and, Lithium now supports the most ads integrations in the market enabling marketers to schedule and analyze paid ads alongside organic content.
    • Listening integrations: social intelligence platforms Netbase and Synthesio allow marketers to sharpen their campaign strategies, act upon trends and intelligence, and better manage brand health.
    • Social Impact Ranking: new competitive benchmarking capabilities allow marketers to measure how they stack up against competitors in areas like influence, sentiment, audience, and more.
    • Comprehensive mobile publishing: available on Android and iOS, Lithium’s mobile app offers sophisticated capabilities, such as easy live-tweeting and the industry’s only way to auto-schedule posts for the optimal time of day.

Learn more in our press release.