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HP’s Expert Day Generates Social Care Awareness and Buzz

Lithium Alumni (Retired)



How can you get your whole organization passionate about social customer care?


This is a question that many social customer care leaders ask. We recently spoke with Kriti Kapoor (@kkapoor), Global Director of Social Customer Care at HP, about an innovative way they solve this.



Q: Tell us about how you solved this. What is HP Expert Day?

A: HP Expert Day is an event we hold three to four times a year, where we have HP employees and volunteers (experts) respond to customers on support forums. We create a lot of buzz around this and we get a great response. Customers love it, because they get to talk with product engineers and developers that they normally wouldn’t, and our experts love it because they get to interact directly with our customers.


We run expert days around particular topics, for example, Windows 10. This creates momentum within HP and our customer support team gets to see the value of community. We want to increase awareness of value of our communities in our broader organization and Expert Days has proven to be a great way to do this.


Watch the video to learn how you can activate your organization and customers with social care events.


Plus, read all about their award winning strategy and team in their 2016 Lithy Award submission.

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