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Keep communities fresh with Content Archive

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Active communities tend to get cluttered very quickly with a lot of content. After a while, some of the content becomes obsolete, inactive or irrelevant. Such content is preferred to be archived in order to keep only the fresh and most relevant content in communities.

Some communities tackle this problem currently by creating boards specifically assigned as archives, and moving archival-ready threads into these. This however leads to following:

  • Content remains visible in search even post-archival
  • There is no way to redirect the visitors of such content towards a more recent/updated content
  • Each community can have multiple boards for archival, which increases maintenance effort

We have built a standard solution for archiving community content. Some of the key highlights of this feature are:

  • Restricted Visibility: Archived Content is visible only to a few permitted users (such as Community Managers) post archival
  • Restricted Search: Archived Content is not visible in search results whether they are searched from the community or from an external search (Google, Bing etc)
  • Restricted User actions: Archived Content does not allow any modification to the content post-archival. Kudos, replies, move/delete message etc., are not allowed on an archived content
  • User stats remain conserved: The count of user statistics, such as # kudos, # replies etc., remain as is post-archival
  • Related link: Community Managers can add a related URL while archiving, to automatically redirect the visitors of archived content towards a more recent and related content
  • Un-archive: Archived content can be easily un-archived back to its original state

How it helps Community Managers

Community Managers can now find an option to archive topic/article in the options menu for each Forum topic/TKB/Blog article. 



Clicking on it would allow them to archive contents into an out-of-active-view space of community known as "Archives". This can only be accessed by members with specific permissions (primarily recommended for CommunityManagers/Moderators/Admin). Using this, the community managers can ensure that only the most relevant and fresh content on respective communities are maintained. Also, at any point of time, there is an option to bring the archived contents back into active community easily if needed.

Content Archive GA is now available as part of the Khoros Communities Release 20.3. Learn more about the Content Archive.