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Lithium CX Files: Parrot Puts Customers First and Improves CSAT with Lithium

 “We chose Lithium to have a complete solution to follow and analyze content from our community.”

- Michel Da Silva, Technical Community Manager, Parrot 




“With Lithium Response, we improved customer satisfaction.”
Our primary goal was to improve customer satisfaction. To do this, we knew we had to begin engaging our Parrot community at a deeper level. So, we looked to Lithium to help us devise a solution that would allow us to better understand our community’s needs and address them in a timely manner by tapping into the social media channels we already had at our fingertips. Until we implemented Lithium Response, our social media channels were primarily used for marketing. Lithium helped us see an opportunity to make our social media efforts work harder for our business and for the benefit of our community. Since we’ve started using Lithium Response, we’ve gotten closer to our goal of closing the gap between us and our members – and, as a result, we’ve seen overall customer satisfaction steadily increase. Plus, we’ve been able to use social media to promote and grow our community as well.


“The feedback from our customers is very important.”
Our members are the heart and soul of our business. We look to them to tell us more about what they need from us as well as what we can do to improve our products and services. But fostering communication between us and them s is just one piece of the puzzle. What we are doing now is empowering our community members to answer questions and share content with each other.  We understand that the knowledge of our community is greater than our knowledge alone. Seeing our members work together to collaborate on solutions has been a tremendous learning for us. This kind of organic feedback loop has helped us build better products and solve complex engineering problems much faster.


“Total Community means having a clearer view of our customers and their needs.”
We are firm believers in the benefits associated with taking a “Total Community” approach – to gather useful information, to grow our community’s digital footprint, to enlist the support of our most influential super users and brand advocates, and to engage our members in the co-development of meaningful products and solutions. Not only does this approach give us a better view and understanding of our members (and their unique needs), but it also makes it easier for us to provide actionable answers or immediate support – whether through our community or via our various social media channels – all in real-time. For us, taking a Total Community approach is not an option; it’s our path towards the future.


To learn more about how Parrot is using Lithium to take its community and social media marketing efforts to the next level, watch the video here. 



Founded in 1994 by Henri Seydoux, Parrot creates, develops and markets high tech wireless products for the retail and professional markets. The company operates in 3 main sectors: Civil Drones (UAVs) through retail leisure quadcopters and cutting hedge professional solutions; Automotive, with the widest range of hands-free communication systems and infotainment solutions for the car; and Connected objects, in the area of sound as well as gardening. Parrot, headquartered in Paris, currently employs over 900 people worldwide.



Michel Da Silva is Community Manager, member of the Customer Team of Parrot. His previous role as the Retail Store Manager of Parrot’s flagship store in Paris and his technical knowledge of the products combined with a natural contact with customers lead him into the new project of Parrot : to gather drones pilots and technology lovers into a unique & vivid community. Before working for Parrot, Michel got a master degree in Entrepreneurship while working as Project Manager at DDIDF Business Angels, specialized in Sustainable Development, helping several startups to fund their early stage life. He previously worked on telecom industry in sales and customer care for a Flagship store project.

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