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Lithium CX Files: Wendy Schippers (HP)

Retired Community Manager

Last month, we released our first Lithium CX Files featuring @Claudius. Today we're excited to take a look at some tips and tricks from another Lithium Star, @Wendy_S! Wendy is a frequent contributor on the community, so we were excited to sit down with her and learn more about her experience managing the HP community.


Lithium CX Files: HP from Lithium on Vimeo.


Wendy manages the French and German communities for HP, and offered some great advice on how to manage multicultural communities. The challenge of managing a multicultural community is that there's no "one size fits all." The trick is to learn how they communicate and relate, but as Wendy says, it's fun to meet people from other cultures. The biggest lesson of all? Deep down, people are driven by the same things--to help other people--and that's what makes community beautiful.



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