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Workflow Enhancements: TKBs and Blogs

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

We are happy to announce that Khoros Communities has launched workflow enhancements for TKB and Blog articles. The new streamlined workflow caters to the needs of enterprises to create, collaborate, review and publish articles within the community. 

The workflow consists of 3 steps - Draft, Awaiting Review & Awaiting Publication - achieved through 3 roles - Author, Editor & Publisher. The following diagram shows how the article flows through different states before it is published and the actions the respective role performs at each state: 




We have introduced granular permissions to support different content roles, Author, Editor, Publisher, for create, review and publish respectively. With granular control over author, editor, and publisher permissions, you can clearly define who can perform each task in the publishing workflow. Since the capabilities are supported by different permissions, flexible workflows can achieved:

  • 3-step workflow: Assign Author, Editor and Publisher to 3 different members respectively. This will mean that Author can send the draft for review, Editor will review and send the draft for publication, Publisher will approve the article and finally publish. 
  • A self-publish workflow: Assign all the three to a single community member (Admin, SMEs or Super users) so that the member can create and directly publish. 
  • 2-step workflow: Assign Author role to one member and assign both Editor & Publisher to another so that Author will work on a draft, send it for review & the other community member can review & publish. 

Workflow comes with the following capabilities for better collaboration & tracking:

  • Co-Authors: Ability to add co-authors for an article to collaborate on the draft. Co-authors have authoring permissions for the articles they are added into. 
  • Notifications: Email Notifications to relevant community members at every stage in the Workflow. 
  • Improvised Dashboard: Improved article dashboard to track an article’s journey in the publishing workflow and make it easier to take relevant actions. 



  • Compare two versions of an article: Compare any two versions when the article is in the workflow process or after the article is published. The differences between two versions are highlighted and displayed in an easy readable format.

Workflow enhancements are part of Blogs v3 & TKB v4. For setting up the workflow & detailed feature documentation, visit Blogs v3 and TKB v4.

In future, we are looking to provide enhancements such as changing the author of an existing article so that community admins can change ownership of the article of a different member and ghost authoring an article i.e. to publish as another community member.

Stay tuned!


Nice! Been looking forward to this...

Khoros Staff

Are there any updates to the enhancement --  "changing the author of an existing article so that community admins can change ownership of the article of a different member and ghost authoring an article i.e. to publish as another community member?"

Khoros Staff

Hey @AmandaN,

These enhancements were planned for the 2H this year, but we recently pushed them out so that we could increase our focus on quality and responsiveness for bugs open with engineering. We've made really good progress on closing out P0-P2 issues and increasing our focus on performance, accessibility, and security items. There is a backlog of P3s that we are actively working to prioritize with customers or defer until the new UX (Aurora) is delivered. We will plan to include these enhancements in next years plan - or sooner as we make progress on closing out the P3 bug backlog.

@RahulH recently published an update here with more info - 


Hi all, 

Does anybody have an idea how we can change the KB Dashboard Component to include additional columns like eg. created by, last changed by, KB id