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Allow someone to post as another user?


We have a blog in which a marketing associate will be posting on behalf of a marketing leader. How can I set up this marketing associate to be able to post as the leader?

We have SSO so I can't just give the marketing associate the leader's credentials.

I could allow the marketing associate to "switch user" but I'd rather not; they should only be able to post as the leader and as themselves.

I could give the marketing associate access to the "Manual migration" feature which allows you to post as someone else from the admin console, but this seems a little ugly / techy and probably also requires me to give her more admin permissions than I'd like.

Other ideas? How have you handled this?


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@jamiemccardleSeconded. I would recommend the same. @CarolineS I think using roles or aliases with specific responsibilities is a good practice in any such scenario. Aliases work best to hide any internal changes (such as changed posts or employees).

E.g. A helpdesk alias who does not have any front-end work in community but it is used by all helpdesk team who onboard employees and provide community access too. This can also be achieved by assigning a role which has this capabilities to the helpdesk users.

Solution (until Khoros provides solution in roadmap):

Create a user "Marketing Leader" with same posting credentials as the marketing leader's. Work with your IT and create an alias email ID (e.g. that can skip SSO or has a backdoor entry.

Share these credentials with anyone who you want to have the abilities.

The CEO user is also a good idea. What I believe is SSO is a vast enough technology to accommodate your requirements. However, if this is handled by your IT, it is only possible if either an IT associate is your friend or the IT team is extremely co-operative 😉

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