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Altering/Changing User's Subject Line in a Post

Hi there!

I was wondering what the best practices are for changing the subject line for a user's post.

To specify, there are many posts with the subject that just say "help me!" The content of the posts will say something along these lines: "Help me with my order. It seems to have gotten lost and I do not know what to do!"

Would it be appropriate to change the subject line to "Help me with my lost order" so that the community stays organized, easy to navigate, offers as a reference to come back to, and helps people in the future with the same question?

Curious to know thoughts and best practices and what others may have been doing. Thanks!

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Honored Contributor

I would say just do it, change the title to make it more forum friendly. That said, I am a massive advocate of transparency so when editing the post to change the title add some text at the bottom on why the edit has occurred.


Moderators Edit: Subject line changed for clarity.

New Commentator

Thanks @DanK !

For adding some text about the edit- do you have an example of what you have used? 

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

To leave an audit trail I recommend to add something like the following to the moderated message's body:

[Title edited by moderator to better reflect content. Original title "Hi there"]

Make sure to also set it apart via formatting from the original content, this can be done either via italic font style, color, font size or all of them. To speed up the moderation I suggest your moderators add this line with an empty original title space as a macro. This way when editing a title moderators just pick this macro and enter the original title. Keep in mind that you can use HTML in macros, so you can add a macro like:

<font color="#808080" size="2"><em>[Title edited by moderator to better reflect content. Original title ""]</em></font>


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