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Honored Contributor

Avatar cropper not working properly - do you see this issue too?

Hi ya'll!

I've noticed an issue w/ avatar cropping on our community as well as on Atlas. Curious if this is a general issue.

The issue is that the avatar-cropper box doesn't match the preview avatar. See screenshot below of a very cute dog avatar being poorly cropped.


Do ya'll see this when you crop avatars on your communities? 


- Caroline


(P.S. Apologies for all of my "Do you see this bug?" posts recently - I hope they aren't annoying. My goal is to put more weight behind some of the issues I find by providing evidence to the Khoros team that they are general issues not related to our theme or customizations, and also to make some of these issues more public/visible for ya'll!)

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Khoros Staff

Hi @CarolineS 

This issue has been identified as a bug in the community, version 21.2. We have reported it to the engineering team already and should be hearing about the progress as they get a chance to review it further. 

Meanwhile, you may open a support case with us if you want it to be tracked for a particular community. 🙂


[PS: The doggo in the avatar is indeed a cutie-pie! 😍
And let me reassure you that it is never annoying to address or clarify the customers' concerns.] 


Honored Contributor

Thank you for the quick response, @ManishaS! Good to know this issue is already in the queue.

Esteemed Contributor

Thanks, @CarolineS , for posting this! I was just about to create exactly the same question 🙂 

Our users are also reporting this behavior, looking forward to the fix!

Senior Community Manager | Dynatrace
Honored Contributor

I signed in to open a case so I'm glad I saw this thread

Thanks for posting this @CarolineS 

Esteemed Contributor

@ManishaS any timeline to get this fixed? We're on version 21.4 and no fix for that in there. 

Don't want to bother Support if this is a known issue being worked on 😉 

Senior Community Manager | Dynatrace
Honored Contributor

Yep, we're currently experiencing this one on Workshop. 😞


Honored Contributor

Just created my support case about it, too.

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Honored Contributor

@ManishaS, is there a ETA as per when this will be addressed? 

Valued Contributor

Have this on our Community as well. I will log a case so that we can be notified. Thanks @ManishaS.

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