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Occasional Contributor

Bulk API not giving all the data

Hi Everyone,


I have been ingesting the bulk API data on the daily basis. I extract the data for the current date - 1. 

I have been facing an issue i.e on October 9 and I am fetching the data for October 8 I get 200K records. on October 11 I fetch the data for October 8 again I get 210K records. I am not sure how with the same API call I am getting a different number of records.

Does anyone has faced the same issue? and is there any workaround to get all the data at once?




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Occasional Commentator

Hi @gandhim,@Manpreet In this scenario you need raise support ticket to lithium. They will guide you.



Raghavendra MN.

Occasional Contributor

Hi @RaghavendraMN,


Thanks for the input, but do you have any idea any other using facing the same issue?




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