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Community management: inhouse vs outsourced - what is your experience?

We currently use an external agency to manage our online community. I would like to hear from other Lithium customers whether they have opted for an external agency or they have an internal team to look after the community. 

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Hi there personally we have gone for an in-house team and there are a number of reasons for that.  Although driven by peer to peer there are times when customers will require support and for us that support has to come from in house. 

We did have an external agency running our Facebook platform for a while and although they did a reasonable job we found that they didn't understand some of the drivers behind what was being posted as well as we did.  It also made us a little slower to react, as you'd need to factor in the time to brief them and ensure a level of understanding that was already present in house.

For me it really depends on your end goal (and money of course) as there are pro's and con's to both.  But with social being so visible I'd usually err on the side of keeping as much as possible in house.


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