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Disable account - Ban account


Are there different action to make an account disabilitation instead of a ban?
I mean, sometimes users ask to cancel their registrations to the community because they're not interested anymore.
Do you suggest to use the ban procedure or there's some other thing to do to differentiate banning from disabling on request?


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Occasional Advisor

Ahhh that's a good point, will try that. Thank you!

@JasonHill I'm on the fence about this. Some people get banned and other people choose to leave. Certainly there is a public explanation and a private explanation and that might differ.

On my community it would be helpful to provide a public reason on the profile when someone has chosen to leave so that their avatar goes gray so people know not to expect a reply from that person. Additionally it would help to inform others that the person has chosen to leave or they've been banned for breaking the rules. We have conspiracy theories otherwise that we're trying to remove people when they simply have chosen to leave on their own. 

We don't allow people to close their own account because sometimes people choose to come back and by allowing them to close their account they will anonymize their data and then they might have remorse and want it to be associated again. 

I'm trying to find out if there is an outbound email that goes out when you ban someone or if it only blocks them from doing something when they login or boots them if they are currently logged in.


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